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OCR Improvements in Acrobat X

“What exactly are the OCR improvements in Acrobat X?”

Our Joel Geraci offers his insight into these Acrobat X additions.  See below for a preview, and click here for the extended blog post!

That question came in recently from one of our field people. As a marketing guy, I just take engineering’s word for everything [not really]. If they tell me that the OCR is improved, I say “ok” and move on [again, not really – this is just a rhetorical conceit]. So I asked, they told.

To begin with, there’s a new OCR engine in there and it’s operating at about 1% more accurate than the previous one. Now, I know that one percent doesn’t sound like much but when your already close to 100%, that extra one percent is a big deal. But there are also some process and usability improvements as well.

Check out this link for more content and analysis from Joel!

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