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April 4, 2014

Where do I sign? Just ask the new Electronic Signature Guide.

I know we’re all independent people of above-average intelligence, and I know we all have the answer to every question all the time. We never need any help at all. Right? Well… sure, but even those of us who are omniscient just want someone to give us the answers every once in a while. For instance, how can I sign a document if I don’t have a printer? How do I  check up on a document that needed to be signed two days ago? What the heck is a digital certificate? Why is the sky blue!?

Well, smarty-pants, you can relax: The new Electronic Signature Guide can help you select the best option for your signature needs (we’ll have to get back to you about the color of the sky, though).

Electronic Signature Guide

Not unlike the the PDF Editing Guide that the Acrobat User Community published earlier this year, the Electronic Signature Guide walks you through the decision making process step by step: who needs to sign the document? What tools are available to you? Do you have any particular way you’d like to apply a signature to the document? As long as you can answer these questions (or even guess at them), the Electronic Signature Guide will tell you exactly how to get that signature done. Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to be the one with all the answers?

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April 3, 2014

Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is finally here! We survived the onslaught of polar vortexes, heavy snow, hard rain and traffic delays—and now an end to the brutally cold is officially in sight. Just as spring cleaning refreshes the home and rids it of clutter, we thought we’d try a different spin on this yearly ritual. If you organize your computer like we do (and we use the term “organize” loosely here), your desktop is filled with PDF files you haven’t opened in months, or multiple, redundant copies of files that are taking up valuable space. Here are few ways we’re digitally cleaning up our filing system in the spirit of springtime:

Cleaning Tip #1: You have a bunch of similar files (but different file types) and you want to combine them all into one file for easy storage and access. Easy. With our drag and drop feature you can merge and organize documents, spreadsheets, images, emails, web pages, and more in a single PDF file that’s easy to share and simple to search.

Cleaning Tip #2: Why store documents on your computer when you can stash ‘em in the cloud? lets you keep your files organized, and even lets you access them across locations and devices through Acrobat XI, Adobe Reader, and the Adobe reader mobile app for Android and iOS. This accessibility will make doing business from anywhere as easy as a spring breeze.

Cleaning Tip #3: When working with so many documents, it can be easy to lose track of what, exactly, you’re trying to accomplish with each one. Prepare PDFs consistently and make sure you never miss a step by creating an automated Action to complete PDF preparation tasks quickly and correctly every time. You can even create an Action to make your documents archive-friendly, helping you get them off your desktop easily.

Cleaning Tip #4: Being organized means knowing where your files are, but also knowing what’s in them. Make PDF files easily accessible so you can navigate longer files quickly and always find what you need—even when it’s way back on page 147. With tagged PDF files you can make your documents easy to navigate and, as an added bonus, accessible to people who might be reading your document with a screen reader for assistance. Once tagged, use structured bookmarks to create various TOCs and navigation techniques to make finding content in a PDF as easy as picking daisies!

Cleaning Tip #5: We’ve seen PDF files get as big as 92,000 pages. To avoid wasting time sifting through “junk” in your files, extract only the pages you need and combine them in a separate PDF. This way, you can create a go-to master PDF that will save you time and sanity.

Don’t be stubborn like Mother Nature has been this year. Spring cleaning results are well worth the effort put in, and help provide a fresh start for better (and warmer) days ahead. If you’ve caught the spring cleaning bug and just have to know what else you can do, visit the Acrobat Community to learn more about all the time-saving features we have to offer.

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April 2, 2014

Support for Office 2003 Ending

Along with our previous announcement regarding the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Adobe will soon be ending support of Office 2003 with Acrobat Standard X and XI and Acrobat Pro X and XI. This is in conjunction with Microsoft ending their support of Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. The next official quarterly update for these Acrobat versions (which is expected May 2014) will be the last ones tested on and released for Office 2003. Once that quarterly update is released, Adobe’s official support for Office 2003 will come to an end too.

As with Windows XP,  you can continue to install and/or use Acrobat with Office 2003 if you wish to, even after the official support ends. But again, this means that any updates or patches for Adobe Acrobat will no longer be tested or supported with Office 2003. In addition, Adobe will not provide technical support for problems specific to running Acrobat with Office 2003. This is also applicable to our enterprise customers who have purchased maintenance/upgrade and support plans, and/or have a contract that entitles them to maintenance/upgrade and support from Adobe.

You can find information on Microsoft’s Office lifecycle here. Or if you have questions for us or the wider community of users and experts, you can post those to the community forums for Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat continues to integrate with Microsoft software in many useful and powerful ways. If you’d like to check on which versions of Microsoft Office your installation of Acrobat works with, head on over to the compatibility matrices here.

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March 27, 2014

Acrobat Social Media User of the Month

We really appreciate the love we receive from our Acrobat communities — so much so that we’ve decided to highlight one user each month as way to show our thanks, while also highlighting the many different ways to use Adobe Acrobat.

Our first super-user we chose to feature is Dana June.


acrobat user tweet


She uses Adobe Acrobat to make edits, add notes and write comments all over PDFs. Did you know that was possible? The Acrobat typewriter tool allows you to do just that. It’s a fast and flexible tool that enables you to add comments anywhere on your PDF. This tutorial shows you just how easy it is.

Thanks Dana! We appreciate you sharing with us how you use Adobe Acrobat to get work done. We’re glad to hear that Acrobat is making your work a little easier!

Stay tuned next month for our next post, you just may be the one featured!

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March 20, 2014

How I learned to stop worrying & love Acrobat’s Advanced Search

I lose things all the time. My keys, my cell phone, every pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned, and (this one happens to me all the time) important documents that I cleverly stash away somewhere, saying to myself “I’ll remember exactly where I put this, because it’s just so clever.” (Cue face-palm.)

Two weeks later, I’m scrambling around at my desk, shuffling “organized” stacks of other important documents, desperately trying to remember just how clever I am. There’s no denying that in the world of paper documents, I am an agent of chaos. Clever chaos, perhaps, but unmitigated, unforgiving, un-document-finding chaos.

This sad state of affairs does not apply to my digital documents, however, because (ta-da!) I’ve got Acrobat. When I need something that I’ve cleverly stashed on my computer somewhere (“I know, I’ll give document this it’s own folder! Tee hee!”), all I need to do is open up Advanced Search in Acrobat – you can find it in the “Edit” menu in Acrobat. I can enter a search term to apply not just to the PDF file I’ve got open, but to any PDF file I’ve got stored on my computer. I can even search through comments or other document attachments in those PDF files. For super big files (and I mean like 5,000-pages-big), there are also some cool tricks you can use to make the search go more quickly. (Since you’re all Acrobat aficionados, I’m sure you’re all already creating searchable PDF files, right? Right. Let’s move on.)

Even better than searching through my documents is the ability to save my search results to a new PDF or CSV file. Once I’ve run a search with the Advanced Search window, I can tell Acrobat to create a new file from those results that will be a hyper-functional summary of the search. Not only will there be automatically-created bookmarks to show me each instance of my search terms, but the results will link to the relevant files on my computer. As long as I’ve got Acrobat doing the searching for me, I’ll never misplace another document.

On a side note: I’ve asked some of the higher-ups on the Acrobat team to consider adding functionality to Acrobat that would find my sunglasses when I misplace those; I haven’t heard back yet, but I’ll post here with any updates.

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March 12, 2014

Faster documentation, better quality

ishimotopic1Project preparation is noticeably faster at Japan’s Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc. Standardizing on Adobe Acrobat for PDF creation accelerates projects with simplified full-text search and multi-language OCR support, simplifies editing proposals and other documents, and enables more secure, reliable PDF sharing with clients.

“We improved the speed of gathering and preparing information for project materials by 50%,” says Ryuya Kodani, chief staff of the corporate planning & general affairs department, Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc. “By reducing the labor involved with developing project materials, staff can spend more time concentrating on designs, which leads to better proposals for clients and improved customer service.”

Case study:

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