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How to secure your important documents for life

Adobe Acrobat is designed to protect your electronic documents both inside and outside the network with easy-to-use document security capabilities that encourage users to keep information private.

Don’t freak out: PDF security is simple

Here are a few of my favorite basic security measures to add to my PDF files so I know they’re safe (without having to spend hours custom-coding a protective device for them).

Oct 13, 2014 /Events /

Bye, MAX 2014! See you all next year…

Has it really been just a week since MAX? It feels like we were in LA forever (and yet we’re not as tan as we thought we would be…hmm).

Oct 8, 2014 /How-To's /

How to get out of your Sticky Note rut

Have you ever wondered what more you could achieve if you tried Acrobat’s drawing tools? Or an audio attachment?

Oct 2, 2014 /Events /

Who’s going to Adobe MAX this year? Acrobat!

But really, guys, we’re so excited.

Sep 30, 2014 /IT/Research /

The Modern Workforce, Part III: A Changing Culture of Work

Gigaom Research analyst Stowe Boyd continues to explore how IT is supporting the needs of the modern workforce.