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April 24, 2012 /Online Services /

FormsCentral: PDF and Web Forms Made Easy

From our first release of Adobe® FormsCentral to each subsequent enhancement, ease of use has been our mantra. We set out to provide you with the world’s best online service to create forms, distribute them, collect information, and analyze the results. Over the last year, customers have shared amazing successes with us, demonstrating how their businesses, schools, and organizations have simplified and streamlined what has traditionally been a time consuming and costly process. And that was just with web forms.

Today, we are pleased to announce that creating forms and surveys as fillable PDF documents is just as easy with FormsCentral.

More Ways to Reach Your Audience

One of the most important things to consider when creating a form is your target audience. For example, reaching the maximum number of people and getting them to successfully complete the form can help you plan an event with greater precision—from getting a big enough venue down to the right number of meal preferences for the attendees. FormsCentral now gives form authors a choice to pick from a web form or fillable PDF document. If your prospective audience is more document focused, the PDF form is a great option. It can be emailed, shared through managed file transfer services or printed out and filled in with a pen.

And true to form, it’s incredibly easy to toggle between web and PDF forms. With a few clicks you can set page breaks and choose between an array of document sizes (8×11, A4, Legal, etc.) for your PDF. Or, if you change your mind, it is just as easy to take the PDF layout and reformat the flow to suit a web form to take advantage of PayPal integration, attachments, and skip logic.

Collect Information Online or Offline

Form authors now have more ways to collect information. One way is to distribute a fillable PDF form to respondents and have the data returned via a basic PDF, where the responses are embedded in the actual form. This method is particularly useful for situations when your audience may want to save the file locally to complete it at a later time.

The other method, which I am particularly fond of, is to post the results directly to the FormsCentral service. Just like with web forms, once a respondent hits the submit button on a PDF form, the data automatically goes to the Response table, where you can see the results in real time and invite others to collaborate and analyze the input.

With the expansion to PDF forms, we can help rapidly expand your ability to create and distribute forms and surveys for virtually any scenario—be it online or offline. Likewise, we’ve also added more web form templates to help you get started—from registration to hospitality to procurement and much more.

FormsCentral Basic and Plus users can begin using the new PDF form feature right away. You can find more details about these enhancements here. Try them out and tell us how they’re helping your business, school, or organization! Also, check out this video of Rebecca Staley, marketing specialist for Acrobat Solutions, who shows off the new PDF forms feature in FormsCentral.

Randy Swineford, FormsCentral Product Manager

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