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October 8, 2008 /Customer Showcase /

PDF Portfolios on Forbes and Washington Post

Check out several recently created PDF portfolios – this time posted by a couple large media companies. More after the break…

Forbes is providing detailed profiles for some of the 400 richest Americans through a PDF Portfolio. Visit these pages and click on the “In-depth PDF Profile” link under each person’s photograph.

In addition, Washington Post/Slate created PDF Portfolios starring Obama and McCain which are being promoted during the election season.

You’ll notice that these PDF Portfolios are created from one of the basic layouts in Acrobat 9 and have incorporated multimedia to build a story and an engaging experience.

What additional examples have you found?

Amy Wang
Acrobat Product Manager

Categories: Customer Showcase


  • By Kurt Foss - 3:12 PM on October 7, 2008   Reply

    Link to another PDF Portfolio (39 MB)

    [Click Kurt’s name to get to the Portfolio – Dave]

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