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February 7, 2011 /Customer Showcase /

People are Still Talking

A few weeks ago we shared some of the comments we received from you about Acrobat X since we announced the product last October. We continue to hear from many of you about your experiences with Acrobat X and it’s helping you do your jobs better and run your businesses more smoothly. Many of you are giving us high scores for PDF Portfolios and our collaboration features.

For instance, Barkley Court Reporters, the largest independently owned court reporting firm in the U.S. and abroad, since its start, has been a driving force for innovation both internally and externally for its clients. By embracing Acrobat software, Barkley has transformed the quality and interactivity of deposition transcripts, scanned exhibits, and other case materials delivered to clients, which include some of the largest law firms in the U.S.

The company uses Acrobat software to replace inefficient paper-based legal process and uses easy-to-navigate PDF Portfolios to give legal teams rapid access to vital case documents for internal review and presentation. Mason Farmani, COO and Managing Partner, Barkley Court Reporters, says, “We are impressed by the new design and overall enhancements to PDF Portfolio capabilities. The ability to easily apply new layouts and colors and select visual themes can help legal teams to create presentations that standout and better communicate case details.”

“Acrobat X enables our in-house council to quickly assemble a variety of documents into a PDF Portfolio, delivering an unparalleled platform for collaboration and information sharing,” Farmani adds.

Lawyers at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, one of Delaware’s largest firms, understand how important collaboration is in winning cases. PDF Portfolios play a key role here. “Creating PDF Portfolios in Adobe Acrobat X is fantastic. The software’s interface is clean and engaging, and we can combine all important case documents—from deposition transcripts and discovery notes to research and presentation of evidence—into a single, convenient file ready for courtroom presentation,” says Molly DiBianca, associate attorney.

Bureau Veritas (BV) is a leading global engineering consulting firm that helps clients worldwide adhere to quality, environmental, construction, and health and safety standards. With 900 global offices and more than 400,000 workers that deliver a comprehensive range of services including inspection, testing, auditing, certification, training, and more, sharing information and collaborating smoothly and effectively are critical to successful projects and a positive bottom line. “The PDF Portfolios help us take collaboration to the next level. Consolidating and presenting all kinds of content—from presentations to design drawings and even videos—in a single file will streamline collaborating  with employees and partners, and help to ensure we complete projects on time and under budget,” says Kyle Froling, senior IS support associate.

It’s easy to see how PDF Portfolios benefit businesses like BV or law firms like Young Conaway. But forward-looking educators have embraced the technology, as well. Lincoln Public Schools (LPS), Lincoln, Nebraska, has been recognized by SchoolMatch, an independent ranking service, as one of the most successful school districts in the nation.

At LPS, students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and staff use PDF Portfolios for a number of activities. “PDF Portfolios created with Adobe Acrobat X will benefit students for showcasing work, parents for increased communication about student progress, teachers for online review and grading of student work, counselors for career guidance, and administrators and support staff for communication and planning,” according toLinda Dickeson, Adobe Education Leader & Distance Learning Coordinator at Lincoln Public Schools. LPS plans to use PDF Portfolios to support a more collaborative approach to communication and planning among teachers, career guidance counselors, administrators and support staff PDF, as well.

Advanced redaction and commenting tools in Acrobat X add to its extensive collaboration capabilities. At Young Conaway, for example, legal teams can easily review everyone’s comments in a single file and add their feedback, helping to get everyone on the same page. “If documents contain sensitive client information, then we can quickly and reliably redact details—knowing that we can easily bring back the content for our own files when needed,” adds Young Conaway’s DiBianca.

Consultants at Datastream Connexion, an IT consulting firm serving clients of all sizes, from small, independent firms to large-scale government projects rely on several Acrobat X capabilities: from digital forms and signatures, commenting and markup to PDF Portfolios.  Recently, Datastream Connexion provided support for FoodSHIELD, a grant-funded web-based system for communication, coordination, education, and training among the nation’s food and agriculture sectors. This secure system allows public health and food regulatory officials at the local, state, and federal levels across the U.S. to work together. It also helps communicate food safety information among other government agencies, the private sector, and the public. “The ability to create dynamic, fillable forms in Acrobat X will be essential to the FoodSHIELD program. Many ports in the world that handle food products use PDF forms to process and certify items before entering the system. Acrobat X makes it easier to standardize forms and accelerate processing with digital signatures,” says Eric Hoffman, managing partner, Datastream Connexion.

Hoffman continues: “Using Acrobat X to create PDF Portfolios ushers in a new way of communicating and collaborating with our partners. Instead of exchanging static Microsoft Word documents or sending large emails, we can compile an array of interactive, rich files—drawings, presentations, and videos—into a single, compact file. It enables us to communicate information more effectively and efficiently.”

And that’s how we see it too: communicate information more effectively and efficiently. If you have a story about Acrobat and how it helps you communicate more effectively and efficiently, please send it my way, We’ll love to share it with the Acrobat community.

Mark Grilli, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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