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December 13, 2012 /How-To's /

Achieving productivity in a mobile world: How to stay on top of your work while in constant motion

Be honest with yourself for a minute: how many intelligent devices do you own? Probably several: A desktop computer, a laptop or both; a phone, a tablet, perhaps a couple of each; and yes, you’ve got one of those microwaves that reads you the news every morning (let’s not go there right now). Now, how many different apps do you have that count as a news source, a reading platform, a file storage platform, or an authoring or content-creating platform? A zillion. (For the sake of playing along, I just counted up the apps on my iPhone, and I’ve got – really – 21 different apps that serve to deliver or store content for me. That’s not including the apps I’ve got on my Android tablet, let alone the vast world that opens up to me when I’m at my laptop.)

The fact is, most of us in this tech-crazy, content consuming world have many, many different ways to store, save, and savor our information, and we can do it from just about anywhere with a decent wireless or WiFi signal. The mobile platforms we use daily (phone, tablet, laptop) might allow us to get more work done than ever before, because we can do our work in a cab, on a train, or standing in line waiting for our next gadget to be released. But what if we could do our work without subscribing to, say, 21 different applications? What if there was a simple system that we could use to get actual, bona fide work done without taking a voice memo to transcribe later on, or writing an email reminder to ourselves on a tiny keyboard?

Enter Adobe’s Document Services.

We’ve been working maniacally back here at the mothership to support a mobile mode of working that constitutes getting real work done: real contracts getting signed, real forms being filled and sent, real comments made on digital documents – no matter where you are. With Adobe’s Document Services, such as Adobe EchoSign, Adobe FormsCentral, and the cloud storage system, you can hit the road with nothing but your favorite tablet and be sure that you won’t miss a deal for having left your laptop at home. Here’s just one example: Adobe EchoSign’s mobile app lets you upload documents and send them off to be signed; you can even use the Adobe Reader application to fill out a form and apply your signature to a PDF document before you send it off for another signature with the EchoSign app. Even better, your account activity is tracked even when you’re on a mobile device so no information about the transaction is lost; when you sign into your account from another computer, you’ll see all of your activity has been securely transcribed for your records.

Okay, great, you’re saying; signatures on mobile devices sound awesome. But what if you’ve got a 150-page PDF document that you’re reading or reviewing in Adobe Reader on your laptop, and you’ve suddenly got to leave the house before you’re done reading? No problem: save the document to your account, and access it from your phone while you’re on the bus to wherever you’re going; when you open the document from, your place has been saved and you can pick up right where you left off while in transit.

We know how fast things move these days, and we know how fast you’re moving, too; Adobe’s Document Services and mobile applications help you stay on top of things even when you’re only at your desk for 30 minutes a day. Download the free Adobe Reader app for iOS and Android devices, and see how much more efficient you become next time you’re sitting in a waiting room or in a coffee shop. We think you may even be able to delete some of those extra apps.

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  • By Jignesh - 4:32 AM on December 14, 2012   Reply

    Adobe’s been one of those players who have been consistently doing good things for the iOS platform despite the Apple-generated feud. We’ve been looking at productivity enhancement through tablets and smartphones (ironically, because these are the very gadgets that steal the time somehow) but we’ve not been able to get a full-fledged cover on Adobe’s offerings yet. We’d also love if there are more apps from Adobe not just for the few services that you folks offer but that cover a larger spectrum of usage.

  • By Deepak - 9:07 PM on March 2, 2013   Reply

    My first and foremost prefered productivity and customization tool would be Adobe’s Photoshop Creative Suite and when talking about Adobe on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, there is a bit less offerings from the company. But, finally, Adobe has released its Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android device, now for those who use a medium of full-sized device with a feature-set that’s almost identical to the tablets with a new UI, optimized for the smaller screen of mobile phones.

    Now, you are able to transform images with Core Photoshop features either on your iPad or Android-powered tablets. Adobe Photoshop Touch has shown its ease to be extremely popular with those users who require professional photo editing and manipulation features away from the company’s desktop CS package. With, layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters and and multiple selection tools all manage to make an appearance in the palm of our hands.

    Lot more to be unveiled in the coming days by Adobe, and in the productivity channel the company is readying its apps for mobile operating systems and platforms soon, like Flash and other abilities included.

    • By joiemikitson - 12:38 PM on March 6, 2013   Reply

      Great review, Deepak! Thanks for posting!

  • By Abhishek Shukla - 5:54 AM on April 18, 2013   Reply

    Good to hear about the adob’s documents services. Adobe is present in all most every computer of the world. Any one who knows how to use computers is familiar with the most popular adobe softwares, the adobe acrobat and adobe photoshop. Its been doing consistently well to make the life of users more and more easy. The new photoshop touch tool for iPhone and Android device will be rally useful for those who require professional photo editing and manipulation features on mobile devices like smartphone and tablets. Hope to see some more new launches from adobe

    • By joiemikitson - 8:51 AM on April 18, 2013   Reply

      Thank you for your positive feedback, Abhishek! We’re glad to hear that the products have been so useful to you.

  • By joshua logan - 7:52 PM on May 9, 2013   Reply

    Adobe’s i love it, but i wish if it had come up with stuff like ezpdf reader which i use for my android phone. Love its function of text re-flow. There should be adobe lite version also.

  • By Jose - 1:51 AM on May 16, 2013   Reply

    Adobe always come up with world class products which highly useful for the normal people. No other image software ever could able to level up with Photoshop till the date. I hope this new Document Services also live up to the class of other Adobe products.

  • By Dianne - 10:48 PM on June 19, 2013   Reply

    I must admit that Adobe always been innovative specially in delivering fast and quality solution for pc or mobile users. I write my articles on various techno products and few of them includes review of adobe products as well. Without adobe’s great efforts few of other products might be incomplete.

    • By joiemikitson - 1:05 PM on June 22, 2013   Reply

      Thank you for the compliments, Dianne! Very happy to hear how well our products work for you.

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