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January 6, 2011 /Document Security /

Redaction in Acrobat X

Last September, Rick Borstein, Business Development Manager for Acrobat, discussed a number of recent redaction snafus in politics, finance and government agencies, namely the TSA. These were examples of redaction gone wrong and the point was there are still a number of common redaction errors found in digital documents that can be rectified by Acrobat versions 8 and 9.

Since that last post, we announced the new Acrobat X Pro, which features several new redaction features. Rick recently highlighted a few of these new capabilities, such as repeat redaction marks across pages and partial pattern redaction, in his blog. For the latest on using redaction in Acrobat X, be sure to check out Rick’s post, the “Guide to Using Redaction in Acrobat X Pro,” a step-by-step guide to properly use redaction for your firm or organization.

For even more resources about Acrobat in the legal community, be sure to follow Rick on Twitter (@acrolaw) and tune in to his blog!

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