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August 30, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

Customer Spotlight: What Would You Do with 1,200 Hours in Labor Savings?

Instead of stacks of unwieldy paper documents, developers in the City of Sacramento are now submitting project documentation electronically with PDF for much easier review and distribution. By moving to a digital environment, the submittal, review, and approval process eliminates the need to output and handle thousands of pounds of unwieldy paper documents (some 13,000 building permit a year), saving time and money.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, engineers and developers can now submit plans electronically as a PDF. Since the staff will no long has to manually input information from the plans into the central database, electronic submissions decrease the possibility of introducing errors.

Even if only 25% of the plans are submitted in PDF, the Sacramento CDD estimates that it will save some 1,200 hours of labor previously used to receive, time-stamp, collate, and distribute documents. This time savings does not even include efficiencies associated with easier review, processing and archiving with the PDF files.

“Standardizing on Adobe Acrobat to simplify increasingly complex plan check reviews—involved in managing development projects—helps our agency make the City more economically competitive, resourceful, and vibrant,” says Matthew Sites, project manager, Community Development Department for the City of Sacramento.

To read more about how the City of Sacramento is using Adobe Acrobat, check out the full story here:

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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