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August 1, 2011

SendNow: It’s a piece of cake

In the Adobe office, we really like cake. Chocolate, red velvet, raspberry-marzipan-coconut swirl… you name it, we’ll eat it. But with all these over-the-top flavors we’re often tempted by, it can be easy to forget that a basic chiffon can be exactly right: classic, simple, and elegant, without any distracting additions to detract from the satisfaction of a familiar flavor done well.

So here we are to write an open letter to our dear old favorite SendNow Basic plan: Dear friend, no, you won’t manage our finances or do our dry cleaning. But you need not be fancy to require proof of delivery and download, or to require sign-in for each file you send. Security, as far as we’re concerned, should be expected of any vanilla cake; you shouldn’t have to add chocolate chips and lemon custard just to protect your own documents.

Though you may be simple, we can still dress you up: you’re happy to don that professional look by allowing for personal branding, which is an amazing feat for such an easy-to-use service. For those who run a small business, the ability to apply a logo to your clean appearance makes you a worthy choice for sending files to clients and customers.

Check out the rest of Rebecca Staley’s post on SendNow here!

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