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February 13, 2013 /How-To's /

Signing documents electronically with Acrobat and EchoSign

Remember floppy disks? What about cassette tapes? These two types of technology seem almost ancient, like something you might find in an antique store. Well, move over floppy disks and cassette tapes and make some room for the fax machine! A large percentage of faxes are used to send a document with multiple signatures. What if these documents could be signed and exchanged electronically by each person?

Adobe Acrobat XI has full support for signing documents. Adobe EchoSign is an easy to use online service that allows you to instantly send, eSign, track and file documents securely. Recipients can sign right in their browser on virtually any connected device without downloading a plug-in or having to create an EchoSign account. Using these two products together gives you the ability to complete the entire process of signing documents electronically, and the final signed document can be viewed reliably by anyone with the free Adobe Reader.

It’s simple too!

You can apply your signature with your mouse, text, image or even a digital certificate by opening your PDF document in both Acrobat and Adobe Reader XI and clicking on the I Need to Sign pane. Sign by clicking Place Signature, then click Send Signed Document to send your document to others securely via EchoSign.

The I Need To Sign panel in the Sign pane of  Acrobat and Reader 11

But what if you need others to sign and approve your document, and track the results?  Simply click the Get Others to Sign pane in Acrobat XI, then the Send for Signature.  This will securely upload your document to EchoSign and prompt you to enter the addresses for the additional signers.  If needed, you can drag and drop fields on the document for e-signatures, initials, contact information, company, title, or any other customized form field.  Click Send and your document is on its way.

The Get Others to Sign panel of the Sign pane in Acrobat and Reader 11

The document recipient will receive an email from you (via the EchoSign service) with a link to the document and simple instructions on signing. Recipients don’t need anything but their browser to sign the document then send it back to you. They can review the document and sign instantly with a mouse, stylus, or by typing their name, even from their mobile device. Talk about easy!

Acrobat XI and EchoSign used together also makes it easy to route, complete and eSign forms. When creating a form in Acrobat XI, you can use the Convert to EchoSign Form option in the Form Editing panel to convert all of your fields to EchoSign aware fields. This means the form recipients will be able to fill your form and electronically sign it using EchoSign in their browser, saving additional steps and time.

Converting to an EchoSign form in Acrobat 11

Additionally, making these fields EchoSign-aware allows recipients to pre-fill saved information automatically from EchoSign, like their name and title. The EchoSign form fields in Acrobat have special field properties to determine the signers information that should be prefilled. Simply upload your form for distribution through EchoSign and recipients can easily and securely fill and sign forms, all electronically. Adobe Acrobat XI not only gives you a full array of signing capabilities, it now helps you get signatures and approvals much faster with full exposure into the signing process using EchoSign. Watch this video to see how you can sign documents in Acrobat and then upload to EchoSign for signing by others.

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  • By Jerome - 6:44 PM on July 8, 2013   Reply

    boy…I have a reader…xi….it does not allow me to enable signing…

    • By Lisa Croft - 8:02 AM on July 9, 2013   Reply

      In order to sign a PDF with Reader, it would need to be created with a signature field in Acrobat prior to signing in Reader. Or you can upload it to EchoSign for signature from within Reader on the Sign panel.
      Hope this helps!
      Lisa Croft

  • By Sign Documents Online - 3:58 AM on August 14, 2013   Reply

    Using Acrobat and Echo Sign Digital Signature we can simply create a predefined template for the type of document and with a single click, one can place all the needed signature.

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