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February 14, 2011 /Online Services /

Start a Forms Revolution…In the Cloud

Introducing online forms from the Acrobat Solutions team

Forms are the life-blood of businesses and organizations. But how does the average person take advantage of the recent technology advances in Web and mobile without IT help to collect information that will move their business forward? Given how important the information you collect from surveys, contracts, or registration forms is, an online solution that lets you quickly create, distribute, collect and analyze data from forms or surveys would be a huge asset.  Well, today we’re announcing a complete service that makes that time-consuming – albeit important – task, well, less time-consuming: Adobe FormsCentral.

FormsCentral is an online forms service that lets you easily design, distribute, collect, and analyze data from HTML forms and surveys that look great but don’t take a lot of time to create. Built by the Acrobat Solutions team with a legacy of PDF forms expertise, we’ve taken our popular desktop forms capabilities and put them online for a simplified end user experience. Now it’s easy to get answers with online forms using Adobe FormsCentral —including questionnaires, contact forms, registration pages, mailing lists and much more. From forms branded with a company logo to multi-page questionnaires, a compelling design can help to improve your results. Now you can focus on the content, without worrying about the code.

Be creative and analytical

Using FormsCentral, anyone can view and customize attractive templates, or create forms and surveys from scratch to capture data. And you don’t need IT involvement. You can quickly analyze data from anywhere in real time while maintaining data security.

You have lots of room for creativity, too. With FormsCentral you can quickly create attractive, professional online forms and surveys using customizable templates or completely from scratch with easy to use design tools. FormsCentral helps you put your best foot forward, while you promote and reinforce your brand.

Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to distribute your forms and surveys and automate the collection of responses. You control every step in the online experience.

Get social: Collaboration and beyond

With FormsCentral, you can share links via e-mail, Twitter or web pages and recipients can access and complete forms or surveys from any device with a web browser and Internet connection – smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop devices.

Adobe FormsCentral lets you immediately analyze online form and survey results so you can make the right decisions, at the right time for your business or organization. With your form or survey online, data is automatically added to your response table, eliminating the need to consolidate or transcribe the results into a traditional spreadsheet.

Built-in mathematical and statistical formulas let you analyze and work with data online, and export any time using familiar formats. And as you analyze the data, you can keep everyone on the same page with simultaneous access to your form and survey results. You can assign roles and decide each person’s level of access. Collaboration at its best!

Be insightful

We’ve tailored FormsCentral to meet various customer needs. With a free account, you get up to 50 responses and you can begin collecting and reviewing responses immediately. For $14.99 per month, create up to five forms and collect 500 responses per form. For $199 a year, create any unlimited number of forms or surveys and get up to 5,000 responses each.

We think FormsCentral will revolutionize data collection and analysis. So spend less time designing, distributing and collecting info, and spend more time applying those valuable insights, analyzing new data – and driving your business forward.  Speaking of driving, take FormsCentral for a spin and let me know what you think, Looking forward to hearing more about forms in your world.

Mark Grilli, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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  • By Mike - 1:43 PM on February 14, 2011   Reply

    hi, sounds great – how does FormsCentral fit in with the standard type of forms you can create with Acrobat though, and also with the more powerful forms you can design with Live Cycle Designer.
    I guess I am confused about when I would use each of the three solutions – there seems to be no explanation in any of the puff around FormsCentral at the moment.

    • By Adobe Acrobat - 3:38 PM on February 14, 2011   Reply

      Adobe recognized that there was a need for an easy to use online-only, end-to-end solution for individuals in businesses or organizations. FormsCentral compliments Adobe’s portfolio by providing a comprehensive solution for customers that need a simple to use tool to quickly create a form and collect data with no IT involvement. This new service is targeted at the Empowered Knowledge workers across a wide variety of disciplines. From people conducting market research, organizing an event, or collecting sign-ups for a fund raising effort at a non-profit and more. Check out this quick tutorial to learn more:

  • By Tim Siglin - 8:45 AM on March 3, 2011   Reply

    To follow on to Mike’s question from February 14, is it possible to create forms within Acrobat X and then export them to FormsCentral for a consistent look-and-feel (or at least a consistent, simple-to-use form generator from within Acrobat)?

    • By Adobe Acrobat - 11:24 AM on March 3, 2011   Reply

      Not at this time, but great feature suggestion. Here’s an eSeminar recording from the Acrobat User Community that covers the difference in use cases between forms in Acrobat X and FormsCentral:

  • By Howard Treisman - 4:04 PM on March 9, 2011   Reply

    I’ve responded to Mike’s question above (and also on the linked-in form, assuming it’s the same Mike) by writing a blog entry giving my thoughts on the various form creation and hosting technologies, and how to choose the appropriate one.

    You can find it here:

    I hope this is useful.

  • By Bob Richards - 1:49 PM on March 10, 2011   Reply

    Where is the user manual? Can you embed a URL in the text of the form? Thx.

    • By Adobe Acrobat - 10:40 AM on March 11, 2011   Reply

      From within FormsCentral, under the Help menu, there is a link to FormsCentral Help ( The material covered encompasses:

      • Getting started
      • Design forms
      • Distribute forms
      • View responses
      • Shortcuts and functions
      • Legal notices

      Currently, you cannot embed an active URL in a text field.

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