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May 31, 2011

Acrobat Facebook Polls!

In light of the recent Adobe SendNow announcement, we’re wondering how all of you are using it!  Be sure to check out the Acrobat Facebook page here and take our most recent poll – what’s the average size of the files you’re sending using file transfer services?  We take your opinions into account so let your voice be heard!

 As always, 100 GB of file transference is available through Adobe SendNow!  Take a look, and join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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May 25, 2011

SendNow’s Rising Star

This week, some very exciting enhancements to Adobe SendNow were picked up on and featured by the incomparable Harry McCracken over on the Technologizer blog in an excellent summary post (thanks, Harry!). The Technologizer article also highlights a piece of the industry-leading SendNow service that we happen to care deeply about: that people can send 100 MB files using Adobe SendNow’s free plan (and 2 GB files with SendNow Basic and Plus subscriptions).

We like to think that this is just common decency: allowing for truly large files (100 MB is not small!) to be sent free of charge is our (frankly superior) solution to a ubiquitous problem. While other services in the field may believe that 50 MB is generous enough, we happen not to agree.

We want SendNow to be the best it can be—the best available, in fact—and that means giving you what you need from a file transfer service. These features are based directly on suggestions that we heard from all of you, and we’re very happy to be able to offer them.

For more information, visit Adobe SendNow and

Rebecca Staley,, Acrobat Solutions Marketing Specialist

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May 24, 2011

New Study Shows Adobe Acrobat X a Strategic Choice for Enterprise Productivity

It’s always interesting to look at products that you are quite sure you understand well, and to be amazed at how different they are.

This occurred recently when we were asked to look at Adobe’s Acrobat X from a different angle, as a productivity enhancer and collaborative workflow enabler rather than pure document distribution software. Document creation and distribution is of course a core activity for knowledge workers, and an increasingly collaborative one. The question is how best to support this activity, especially as collaboration expands to include more people both inside and outside the organization.

We used our software testing lab to explore typical collaboration and distribution workflows, using Acrobat X in combination with productivity software such as Microsoft Office 2010 and back-end collaborative solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The test subjects were knowledge workers with varying levels of expertise. No previous knowledge of Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat was required, and all subjects were trained on each workflow prior to the test to eliminate learning curve effects. We also talked to a group of IT decision makers around the world to get their perspective on how much of their users’ time is spent on basic, collaborative workflows.

Adobe has really focused on commenting and collaboration tools in Acrobat X and in particular Acrobat’s integration with the creative process, typically Microsoft Office. The surprise for me was the speed and usability of Acrobat X’s capability to import the comments and collaborative information from groups of users back into Office.

The results of our study clearly show that Adobe Acrobat X can deliver significant productivity increases and cost savings compared to productivity applications and collaborative back-ends alone. For some common workflows, using Acrobat is almost twice as fast.

In case you think that we tested some exotic activities be reassured these are quite basic, core processes that you probably use every day. Here are some samples:

  • Review a text-based document with existing comments and add comments
  • Review a spreadsheet with existing comments and add comments
  • Review a presentation with existing comments and add comments
  • Compare two documents and review changes
  • Aggregate comments in text-based document into a document
  • Aggregate spreadsheet comments into a final document
  • Aggregate presentation comments into a final document

In some cases the improvements were quite modest, only 8% on spreadsheet review, but on comparing two documents and reviewing changes it was 60%! Aggregating text document comments into a final document shows an 80% improvement!

You can read all the details in the study we published but the bottom line is that unfortunately the ubiquity of PDF files tends to make IT professionals and knowledge workers alike overlook  Acrobat, which has steadily been evolving into a very rich set of collaborative tools. Using Acrobat simply as a means of converting documents to PDF obscures its strategic benefits to an organization. As part of the standard desktop image, Adobe Acrobat X can enable IT to support more efficient collaborative document creation, review, and distribution.

Chris LeTocq, Crimson Consulting Group

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May 18, 2011

ReTweet for a Chance to Win Adobe SendNow

Tired of bounced emails, FTP servers or overnight delivery — just to send a video? Here’s a solution: Adobe SendNow, a cloud file transfer service. The recently updated Adobe SendNow allows you to send small or large documents and multimedia files. Simply upload your file and Adobe SendNow will securely store it and notify your recipient that it’s ready to download. We’re offering you a chance to check out Adobe SendNow’s new features: audio and video compatibility and brand customization. Beginning Wednesday, May 18th and running for a week, any Twitter user can enter to win a 1 year subscription to Adobe SendNow, valued at $190. To enter, follow the @Acrobat Twitter account and retweet any of our #TrySendNow posts.

The contest opens at 10 a.m., Wednesday, May 18, 2011, and closes 2 p.m., Wednesday May 25, 2011. The prize drawing for SendNow (no product prize exchanges available) will occur on or before 5 p.m., May 25th, 2011 with the winner announcement occurring that day well. The drawings are open to residents in North America only.

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May 16, 2011

Send More Files to the Cloud Now

Audio, Video Adds to SendNow Capabilities

When we announced Adobe SendNow – our cloud-based, file transfer service that provides a one-stop destination for sending and receiving large files with anyone, anywhere – we talked about how the need to be able to exchange documents easily is more and more critical to both business and personal success. We said we should be able to get access to and retrieve and view files reliably no matter where we are and no matter what device we are using at the time. And that this is where the cloud delivers real value.

Today, we’re excited to announce three new features for SendNow that will add a different dimension to your business, take your business to the next level and help solve real business and collaboration problems now.

Send audio and video files. Still emailing big files? Now you can upload and send all popular audio and video files. This is ideal for anyone relying on less convenient methods to send big media attachments – especially creative professionals, designers, architects and engineers. Audio-video file transfer is available now.

Personalize your SendNow notifications. You can raise your profile with your customers and colleagues by adding your company logo to SendNow notifications. Small and medium businesses can include their company logo to project a more professional, “larger-than-life” corporate image. Personalization will be available in June.

Access SendNow from your desktop. We’ve made SendNow so easy to use that you don’t have to open a browser. This is a huge time saver. A small application of SendNow can reside on your desktop and you can access most capabilities simply by clicking on the app’s icon. No need to open a browser, type in a URL and wait for a download. You can get the desktop app in Q3.

The new features are just three reasons for using SendNow. Here are some others:

  • Help reduce costs: Send as many files as you want
  • Send files faster: Instant delivery
  • Share files easily: Avoid email size limits and complicated FTP sites
  • Verify receipt and guaranteed delivery: Confirm that your files were received

There’s a range of service options available: from SendNow Free, to SendNow Basic at US$9.99 per month and SendNow Plus at US$19.99 per month. If you haven’t tried SendNow, you can do so just by going to Give it a try and see how easy it is to use and how much you can gain by using it!

William Lau, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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May 13, 2011

Save the Date: Computing in the Clouds

Can’t get enough of Adobe’s new cloud computing services? Join Acrobat experts Ali Hanyaloglu and Rebecca Staley, as well as Lori Kassuba, community manager for the Acrobat User Community for a Live Q&A session, “Computing in the Clouds,” Wednesday, May 18, from 10:00-11:00am PT. Catch up on Adobe’s new cloud computing services, including Adobe SendNow Adobe FormsCentral, and the new service, Adobe ExportPDF.

The Live Q&A session will begin with some popular questions from the AUC forums, and then open it up to questions from the audience. So, if you’ve got questions, suggestions or ideas you’d like to share, be sure and join us May 18.

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be recording the session, so check back later for the on-demand recording. To register for the event and more information is available here.

Ali Hanyaloglu is a Sr. Marketing Manager, Enablement for Acrobat Solutions. He has been involved with Acrobat since version 2, and as an Adobe Certified Expert has been a speaker at several conferences, online events and community videos.

Rebecca Staley joined the team last year as the Community Manager and has since moved into a marketing team member role. Since coming to Adobe, she’s been working with all of‘s attendant services, including SendNow, CreatePDF, and now FormsCentral.

Lori Kassuba is a native of the state of Michigan and is currently the Community Manager for She has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years and at Adobe for 15 years.

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