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May 1, 2014

A PDF File with a View

paper stack

Over the past few months, we’ve seen questions pop up on our social channels asking: “How do I control how my PDFs look when I open them in Acrobat or Reader?” So if you have been asking yourself the same question—you’re not alone. Depending on how you want to view your files, there are many options you can choose to make sure a PDF file never appears so large you can only read one letter at a time or so small it would take a magnifying glass to decipher anything. No matter what your need is, we can bet there is a zoom option just right for you.

Change the default page layout (initial view)

  • You specify the default initial view settings in the Preferences dialog box.
  • In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page Display.
  • Open the Page Layout menu and choose Automatic, Single Page, Single Page Continuous, Two-Up, or Two-Up Continuous.

Note: The PDF opens with the page layout specified in Preferences unless a different page layout is specified in Document Properties (File > Properties > Initial View). The Document Properties setting overrides the Preferences setting. If using Document Properties, be sure to save and close the document for the change to take effect. Acrobat users can change the initial view, unless security settings prevent changes. Reader users cannot change the initial view.

Change the default magnification

  • In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page Display.
  • Open the Zoom pop-up menu and choose a default magnification level.

These default zoom tips only scratch the surface of different ways to view your PDF. For more options and information, please click here.

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The Modern Workforce: Are You Ready?

gigaom1 (3)

Would you consider your IT department to be a “fast-mover?”  In this day and age, IT departments are challenged with quickly meeting the technology and performance needs of a new millennial-driven workforce.

We wanted to know just how large the gap truly is between worker expectations and IT requirements. We wanted to understand what “fast-moving” IT decision-makers are doing to close that gap and better align people and technologies.

So, in order to dig a little deeper, we teamed up with GigaOm Research to learn more about the habits and preferences of the modern workforce (workers ages 18-34) and IT professionals.  After surveying more than 1,200 workers and 600 IT decision-makers, we pulled together the first of three whitepapers aimed at helping technology decision-makers better understand the growing needs of this new  workforce. The whitepaper describes how IT can answer the call during a current climate of rapid change in communication and collaboration technology.

Here’s a snapshot of what we found in part 1 of 3 of our series “The Modern Workforce.”

gigaom2.jpg (2)


gigaom3.jpg (2)


For the whole story, download the first whitepaper (for free) here.

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February 17, 2012

Confirmed Sighting: On the Trail of the World’s Smartest Project Manager

A stock broker meets the World’s Smartest Project Manager — and takes away the completely wrong message. Check this guy out.

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February 2, 2012

Updates from the Search for the World’s Smartest Project Manager

Working with others takes on a whole new meaning — not sure the World’s Smartest Project Manager would agree. Check it out.

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February 1, 2012

On the Trail of the World’s Smartest Project Manager

One part MacGyver, one part Forrest Gump, two parts organizational genius, the world’s smartest Project Manager is out there.  Meet colorful characters and use your own skills to track down this elusive and talented individual via our fun and interactive site. Get a sneak peak and join the search, starting with the video below!

If you think you work with, or perhaps are the smartest project manager in the world, be sure to report a sighting here.  Happy hunting!

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November 28, 2011

Customer Showcase: Canon

Canon—one of the world’s most well-known camera and printer manufacturers—rolled out its “One-Canon” initiative to unify the company’s software footprint. For PDF, Canon turned to Adobe and delivered Adobe Acrobat to 11,000 employees—standardizing desktops with best-in-class software, eliminating compatibility issues, and simplifying IT administration.

For employees, standardizing desktops has offered additional flexibility and functionality to keep the business moving forward. Canon employees leverage the “quick tool” function in Acrobat X to tailor the toolbar for job-specific use—placing the most frequently used capabilities at employee’s fingertips. This functionality has helped improve employee efficiency, accelerate training, and reduce support costs.

Adobe Acrobat also helps improve collaboration across project teams worldwide with dependable PDF documents. With the majority of collateral originally developed at Canon’s headquarters in Tokyo and customization occurring locally, commenting and markup features enable local managers to note changes to materials, and securely share collateral with agencies for layout—creating a seamless workflow. To learn more about Canon and its use of Adobe Acrobat X, click here.

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