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October 14, 2011

Win a copy of Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book!

Back by popular demand, an Acrobat Tweetaway for Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book, courtesy of Peachpit!  Over the next week, we’ll be providing useful Acrobat tips, tricks and advice via our Twitter account.  If you’re a follower and catch one of our tweets, helpfully labeled with the #DidYouKnow hashtag, retweet it!  You’ll be automatically entered into our drawing to win Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book.

Peachpit has provided an accessible, up to date guide to maximizing your Adobe Acrobat experiences and creating the most efficient and useful PDFs around, so don’t miss your chance to pick it up for free!  For the cost of clicking the retweet button, you can start learning the best ways to save time and make your documents the envy of the office.

Over the next week, keep your eyes on our Twitter account (@Acrobat) for the first of our #DidYouKnow tweets, and stay tuned to our blog for the latest winners.  Thanks for joining us!

The contest opens 9 a.m., Friday, October 14th, 2011, and closes 2 p.m., Friday, October 21st, 2011. The prize drawing will occur on or before 5 p.m., October 21st, 2011, with the winner announcement occurring that day as well. The drawings are open to residents in North America only.

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October 11, 2011

How Sweet: GeekSugar picks Adobe SendNow as a top app to send large files

You know, as a rule, we’re not a bunch to go singing our own praises all over the internet. However, when it’s others who are doing the singing…well, we don’t mind letting you know where to hear them sing. We’re tickled pink that Adobe SendNow has been featured as one of the top apps on GeekSugar’s latest roundup, titled “How to Send Large Digital Files”. Of course we think SendNow is one of the best ways to do it; we’re just glad that GeekSugar agrees! To see what they have to say about our file sending service, head on over to GeekSugar.

- Rebecca Staley

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October 10, 2011

Clark Atlanta University works smarter, faster using Adobe FormsCentral

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) provides an atmosphere where students can learn, become leaders, and make a positive impact on the world. As part of its efforts, CAU seeks to offer its students and faculty easy access to cutting-edge academic technology, including the recent adoption of Adobe FormsCentral to make quick work out of otherwise time-consuming administrative processes.

Using Adobe FormsCentral, CAU training teams can quickly create registration forms for new faculty learning seminars in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the easy-to-access digital forms make it faster and easier for faculty to register for training and seminars, versus having to complete and route paper-based forms. They can also initiate and complete routine requests, such as submitting forms to check out multimedia equipment for classroom use.

Adobe FormsCentral not only allowed CAU to cut paper use, but also substantially decreased document distribution times. Candyce Jefferson, instructional media and support specialist for CAU also noted, “Unlike some of the other forms solutions we’ve tried, FormsCentral offers a hassle-free way to create interactive forms across operating systems—including iOS. Regardless of who is viewing, their location, or device, we are confident that we can reliably engage our target audience.”

Since the more automated processes are so easy to use, response rates to upcoming trainings also dramatically increased, with all of the forms and registration documents available on CAU’s intranet. To learn more about how CAU uses Adobe FormsCentral to update outdated processes, click here.

Randy Swineford, group product manager, Acrobat Solutions

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October 3, 2011

Greetings from Adobe MAX 2011

Everyone seems really Passionate about Adobe – the energy level is really good! -William Lau, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Well, day one of Adobe MAX 2011 has come; I write this from the break area of the show floor, where I’m sharing a table with several people whom I have never met. This, I think, is one if many things that makes MAX such an amazing experience: everyone comes to this massive convention center in downtown LA, knowing perhaps no one and perhaps a few others from his or her own company. Now, only halfway through the first of three long days, people are mingling. They share tech-y jokes and participate in the same “bring your own device” labs, they sit with other strangers at lunch and wander in tandem across the massive showroom floor. Developers and designers rub elbows while attending demos or watching this morning’s keynote speech – and the energy has been palpable. We’re all here to learn from each other and be inspired, and the first few hours have been no disappointment. Scroll down to see the first few pictures of this space and the booths that fill it, especially our own Acrobat pods in the main Adobe booth!

–Rebecca Staley

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September 27, 2011

Adobe eSign Success Series: Companies Go Green with E-Signatures

By moving contract work to the cloud, companies in any industry can eliminate paper. That gives them at least three competitive advantages:

  1. Speed: E-signing takes minutes, whereas chasing ink-on-paper signatures can waste days or weeks.
  2. Savings: Paper is expensive. So is printing out multiple copies of documents, shipping them, driving to meetings to retrieve them and devoting human resources to those activities.
  3. Sustainability: Customers respect companies that make smart choices that benefit the environment while improving service.

Two of our customers in very different industries exemplify the benefits that come from greening contract work. The first is Aetna, one of the nation’s leading providers of health care insurance. The company was the first in its market to deploy electronic contract processing for physicians, hospitals and other health care facilities. Not only did Aetna cut its contract processing time from as much as three weeks to as few as two days, it also decreased its paper usage by 1 million pieces per year.

Meanwhile, one of our customers in the transportation industry is also proving that going green is good for business. Celadon Trucking, one of North America’s largest truckload carriers, uses e-signatures to turn contracts over faster and reduce dependency on paper. The company processes scores of contracts each week, and getting those contracts signed online gives its sales staff more time for selling, while improving the experience for customers. And the environmental benefits of e-signing help Celadon fulfill its mission as a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program.

As it turns out, it is easy being green – as easy as e-signing a cloud-based contract.

Headed to Adobe MAX? Don’t forget to stop by the EchoSign pod in the Adobe booth and see how much time you can shave off your next contract.

Jason Lemkin, vice president of web business services at Adobe 

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September 26, 2011

Acrobat Blog: Wrapping Up Our Facebook FormsCentral Poll Questions

A couple weeks ago we kicked off our FormsCentral polls on the Adobe Acrobat Facebook page. So far we’ve learned why you use forms, what features you look for when choosing a service and how frequently you use a forms service. Our final question is: Which is your favorite new FormsCentral feature? Check out our new features including page skip logic, summary reports and form templates for a quick refresh.

If you missed an earlier poll, visit the Facebook questions page where you’ll find a list of all poll questions and results. Thanks for sharing your answers and stay tuned for a results summary on the blog!

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