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Subsea 7 Consolidates and Simplifies to Improve Collaboration

By consolidating and updating their Adobe software, Subsea 7 was able to reduce their total cost of ownership
by 28% and create a predictable spending environment.

Eisai Reduces Costs and Complies with Strict International Standards

Leading Japanese pharmaceutical company, Eisai, saved millions by digitizing their new drug application workflows through the use the Acrobat and PDF.

Efficiency in the Mile High City of Denver

The City of Denver, Colorado is standardizing on Adobe Acrobat to help users work more efficiently while streamlining support so the city can refocus time savings on developing innovations and improving education.

Support for Office 2003 Ending

Along with our previous announcement regarding the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Adobe will soon be ending support of …

Adobe Acrobat: 20 Years of Innovation

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Adobe Reader and Acrobat Quarterly Updates Now Available

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