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December 20, 2011

Adobe Reader for Android Update

Today, we’re excited to announce an update of  Adobe Reader for Android. This update fixes some issues we discovered with Android 4, and adds a  few enhancements based upon the  great feedback we received from our users.

Here are the highlights:

·         Reflow
As promised, Reflow is back! This is a great feature for reading PDFs on your phone, since it strips the formatting and turns the document into resizable, reflowed text that you can easily scroll through. You can turn this mode on in the View Modes menu, shown here:

·         Remember Last Read Position
One of the frequent comments we’ve seen is that people really want to be able to switch between documents and applications, and be able to return to the exact spot they were reading. Now Adobe Reader remembers your last position in the document for all recently-read documents, so you don’t need to!

·         Opening PDF Portfolio Contents and Attachments
For PDF Portfolios,  Adobe Reader has always allowed opening contents if they were in PDF format. Now it will open any content type that you can view on your phone or tablet.  And since attachments are pretty similar to Portfolios, we’ve also extended this to work for attachments. When you open a document with attachments, Adobe Reader will show a paperclip in the lower right corner of your document, like this:

Just tap the paperclip, and you’ll see a list of the attachments.

·         Bug Fixes
We fixed issues that had been present since the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. 

We’re constantly working to improve Adobe Reader for Phones and Tablets, and we have some great enhancements already underway for 2012 that I’m sure you’ll be excited to see.  We appreciate your ongoing feedback and support!

Dennis Griffin, Principal Product Manager



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