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August 28, 2012

In Good Company

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some Adobe Acrobat customers who are taking advantage of the Adobe enterprise license agreement (ELA) and standardizing on Acrobat across their organizations. Because the ELA simplifies the entire licensing process they save time and money. And by standardizing on Acrobat across their companies they’re making deployment, updates, maintenance, and integration easier.

Two large government organizations are also taking advantage the ELA and standardizing on Acrobat. The U.S. Air Force has recently selected Acrobat X Professional as its standard, enterprise-wide PDF software. Using the premier PDF solution from Adobe, the Air Force can create higher-quality content while driving tighter collaboration and productivity, greater security and lower costs across the entire organization.

The Air Force cited several factors that led to adopting Adobe Acrobat as its PDF solution, with a three-year enterprise agreement, covering 600,000 seats. In addition to PDF creation capabilities, Adobe Acrobat delivers peace of mind by helping eliminate compatibility and other issues that drain valuable resources. Adobe Acrobat enables better software asset management and improved patch and update processes, which significantly reduces the effort and cost required to keep systems up-to-date.

Another large government agency, which I can’t name, entered into an ELA with Adobe recently, as well. The department consolidated software licenses for the most current versions of Acrobat X as well as LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection. They now have a standard PDF solution nationwide.

The ELA enables the department to consolidate more than 400 separate purchase orders into just a handful of annual purchases or renewals. The ELA saves a lot of time and helps to ensure that the latest software is deployed to employees needing it in a timely manner. In addition, the agreement positions the department to secure the lowest, most consistent price for the latest software and technology, creating massive savings year after year.

Using the ELA to deploy PDF solutions across your organization is a smart move and you’d be in good company. Check it out.

Mark Grilli, senior director of Acrobat Solutions product marketing

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October 21, 2011

Bringing greater efficiencies and savings to vital domestic abuse services

Sadly, domestic abuse affects millions of men and women every day around the globe. Fortunately, organizations like The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women (DAHMW) provides support and counsel to victims of domestic violence during tumultuous times in their lives.

To track information about calls and requests, DAHMW recently switched from using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Adobe FormsCentral in its call center—reducing what was a 30-minute process to only 5 minutes. What’s more, Adobe FormsCentral enables advocates to improve the accuracy of data they capture and submit during their shifts on the helpline, with an easy-to-use solution.

Adobe FormsCentral makes the digital forms intuitive, easier to complete, and much more manageable. An added plus is that Adobe FormsCentral can also be customized and helps prevent data corruption as the forms pass from user to user. And of course, the affordability and ease of using Adobe FormsCentral strike the right chord with DAHMW, as the organization looks to maximize the dollars available to support its public-facing programs.


As a national non-profit agency that relies partially on donations obtained through grants to run its day-to-day operations, DAHMW grant writers are busy developing the content to share with potential donors. Here, too, Adobe FormsCentral plays an important role; by giving grant writers high-quality, reliable service information to present to potential donors.

During our conversation, Garo Green, board member and consultant for DAHMW noted, “Adobe FormsCentral delivers outstanding value to our organization. It aides clear communication and collaboration across groups to help ensure that we are all focused on our mission and that we are providing the best service possible.”

To find out more about how DAHMW takes advantage of the powerful, affordable Adobe FormsCentral solution, click here.

Randy Swineford, group product manager, Acrobat Solutions

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September 12, 2011

Customer Spotlight: City of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. Catalonia’s wonderful people, cuisine, history and lifestyle have to be experienced. One of the most beautiful aspects of Barcelona is the architecture. Basílica de la Sagrada Família is arguably the city’s most famous landmark. Architect Antoni Gaudí started his work on this church in 1883, and construction of its intricate details continues today.

Thankfully, processing building permits at the City of Barcelona doesn’t take as long! Miquel Garcia, director of Urban Action Services at the City of Barcelona, recently talked to us about how Barcelona city architects, engineers, and municipal engineers rely on Adobe Acrobat software to review permit requests electronically and reduce processing time. The City of Barcelona created eObras, a fully digital system for managing and maintaining electronic records of building permits. By adopting Adobe Acrobat software as part of eObras, the pioneering city has virtually eliminated the use of paper and manual creation of permit requests.

With Adobe Acrobat, city staff can quickly add electronic notes on permit documents in PDF and verify measurements on technical drawings, bringing much greater efficiency and enhanced collaboration to the permitting process. Reviewed documents can be stored in PDF for reliable access now and in the future. The advantages of the more automated permit processes are clear to busy municipal staff, as well as to the businesses and citizens who benefit from clearer communications and faster reviews. To learn more about how the City of Barcelona is using Adobe Acrobat to transform building permit processes, click here.

And if you have not been to Barcelona yet, I highly recommend doing so. It will be well worth it.

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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