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May 16, 2014

Thank you. Love, Acrobat


Tweet of the Month

Last month, we received so much love on our social channels it was impossible to highlight just one customer. After much debate, we thought it would be appropriate to pick two.

Meet Steve and Matt. Steve views Acrobat as a Creative Cloud perk, while Matt appreciates the ease of creating forms using FormsCentral.

blogs tweet 1

“@Acrobat, I love you.”

As Steve can attest, Creative Cloud brings together everything you need to create your greatest work. One simple membership gives you and your team access to the very latest versions of all the Adobe professional creative desktop applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, (and you guessed it—Acrobat). One of the biggest perks of Acrobat is that once all your Creative Cloud desktop applications are installed directly to your computer, you won’t need an Internet connection to use them. Another nice feature is that you can share your files with anyone—clients, colleagues, friends. Just email a link, and they can view the file in their web browser without even creating an account. Not already sold? Creative Cloud membership options are designed to best suit your needs, from a single-app membership to complete membership. And no matter which option you choose, you’ll have access to cloud storage.

blog tweet 2

“Oh @Adobe Acrobat. You make forms so easy.”

We cannot explain how rewarding it is for us to see comments like this one from Matt, since we’re constantly striving to help share tips and build upon the features that help to simplify your work day. FormsCentral allows customers to create forms in minutes, distribute them instantly, and analyze them in real time. You can choose from more than 100 professional templates and can customize them with your logo, colors, and messages. Not a fan of templates? Drag and drop to create your own form from scratch. Distributing forms is as easy as sending an email or embedding a link on your website. Once responses are automatically collected online use built-in formulas to analyze results and share summary reports with your clients or bosses.

Thanks Matt and Steve for letting us know the features that are really useful to you. By sharing these positive social posts, we hope some of you can learn something new you may not have realized you could do before. If nothing else, we just want to make sure you know we appreciate you, just as much as Steve and Matt appreciate Acrobat.

Until next month.


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July 23, 2013

Architecture firm relies on Adobe Acrobat for visual content collaboration

working (2)

Architecture clients need dynamic visual communication to help them understand the creative visions of a company like Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. So RSHP leverages the creative power of Adobe solutions such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects to bring images into a compelling storyline. Plus, with Adobe Acrobat, RSHP’s architects and designers can combine all types of content into PDF files optimized for any device.

BarajasMadridAirport (2)

“Rich, visual content enables us to communicate our ideas internally and with clients, resulting in stronger designs and winning bids,” explains David Liu, associate IT manager at RSHP. “We need the most powerful creative and collaborative tools available, which is why we turned to Adobe software.”

North Greenwich Arena

Adobe solutions dramatically reduced operating expenses by eliminating paper and printing costs and streamlining workflows. Plus, it improved productivity by allowing RSHP to expand client access to important project details.

Learn more about Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and how they use Adobe Acrobat here.

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June 19, 2013

Managing Intellectual Property Assets

CPA_Global_INL_CMYK_Standard (2)Filing for patents and/or trademarks requires thousands of pages of form filings, and applications. CPA Global has streamlined the process of managing such documentation by standardizing on Adobe Acrobat.

“Adobe Acrobat provides us with the flexibility to meet all of the format and document security requirements for the (United States Patent and Trademark Office) USPTO,” says Lauren Sindt, information disclosure statement (IDS) and reference management paralegal team leader at CPA Global. “With Acrobat, we can meet stringent specifications on document formatting and encryption with just the click of a button.”

With secure PDF files, CPA Global helps prevent disclosure of unfiled patent information, enables the easy reuse and reorganization of pages in long files, and helps identify errors and omissions in documentation.

Learn more about CPA Global and how Adobe Acrobat works for them by clicking here.

cinven-20121130-0074 (2)

Author: Ali Hanyaloglu

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September 6, 2012

The Zen Approach to a Project Workflow

At BBDO Atlanta, the volumes of documents and assets we manage are pretty staggering. We house one of the largest print production centers in Omnicom’s global network of advertising agencies, so we are responsible for some very visible advertising for big-name clients. Every year, we produce between 18,000 and 20,000 highly refined ad mechanicals — creating and managing over 5,000 assets monthly.

Each ad mechanical we produce is a PDF document that moves through our workflow from start to finish. The entire production cycle is documented using Adobe Acrobat.  We time-stamp, log, and track production responsibilities and review cycles. Review cycles go faster as team members no longer have to decipher handwriting and can layer comments together within the file.

All of our print coordinators then run the files associated with an ad through a customized Acrobat preflight process that vets the mechanical for the requirements of hundreds of different publications. Everything is checked in great detail—ink density, dots per inch, missing fonts—you name it.

Our customized workflow is great because it allows us to take advantage of the out-of-the-box functionality of Acrobat   yet combine it with our own in-house production system. It gives us an enterprise-scale solution at low cost of ownership. Our users have more control and our IT professionals worry less about inadvertent errors.

Now, four print coordinators handle the workflow that previously required dozens of people working multiple shifts. We’ve eliminated the use of third-party software for checking final specifications, boosted the degree of quality assurance and predictability, and we’re getting closer to a paperless environment.

The main competitive differentiator for us is this turnkey automated workflow. It delivers highly repeatable, flexible, trusted outcomes that keep our clients happy. It also provides us with a strong sense of confidence and pride about our production services.

Adobe Acrobat brings a Zen approach to our project workflow; managing the job is easier and our employees are more productive.

Bill Lunsford, DBA, Graphics Manager, BBDO

Read the full story here:

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August 8, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Tapping Adobe Acrobat to Enhance Product Documents

Piscine Castiglione, the commercial arm of A&T Europe, recently adopted Adobe Acrobat X Pro to develop high-impact documentation and digital brochures for its Myrtha pool product line. The compelling product catalog—called “Encyclopedia”—in PDF contains more than 200 pages, 400 videos, 13 chapters, and photo presentations that can be viewed across devices. With built-in support for multiple file formats, Adobe Acrobat X Pro makes it easy for Piscine to add new content as soon as it’s available, whether it is text, images, or videos.

General Director Roberto Colletto of Piscine Castiglione says navigating through the detailed product information is quick and easy, “Moving from one section of the document to another is very similar to web navigation. The functionality of Adobe Acrobat X helped us develop a brochure that makes it easy for sales staff to communicate with customers efficiently, with accuracy, and leverage high-quality images and videos for more dramatic impact.” The company has even seen routine requests for additional information from customers drop because the interactive catalog covers so many topics in great detail.

For Piscine Castiglione, the Adobe solution has enhanced the impact of presentations by sales agents to customers and resellers. Now, agents can bring laptops or tablets along to sales calls and show customers polished, multimedia presentations on demand. With the help of Adobe Acrobat X Pro to create and deliver powerful product information, Piscine is further strengthening its image as an industry leader and innovator. Says Colletto, “Using Adobe Acrobat X…nicely mirrors our commitment to innovation.” To learn more about Piscine Castiglione and its use of Adobe Acrobat X, click here.

Ali Hanyaloglu, senior marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions


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July 31, 2012

Why Standardized Software Across IT Makes Sense

I’m not certain what drives some users to clamor for the latest software. Maybe it’s about keeping up with the Joneses or just the thrill of having something new. Regardless, it wreaks havoc on an IT department. Managing multiple versions of software is a headache. It complicates licensing, deployment, updates, maintenance, integration, and in the end, drains your IT budget.

What’s more, IT life isn’t likely to get any simpler. The perfect storm looks to be on the horizon. A recent study by the Accenture Institute for High Performance and reported by Mike Vizard of ITBusinessEdge suggests that IT departments are “likely to be shaped more by forces outside the control of the IT organization” than by the IT department itself.

While we wait for the big blow, there are a lot of squalls IT has to navigate just to get through the day. I came away from some recent customer visits with this list of IT challenges they face:

  • Demonstrate the ROI of all technology investments.
  • Ensure solutions don’t indirectly drive up the cost of IT, such as more help-desk calls, unnecessary additions to the IT footprint, or difficult deployments which strain IT resources.
  • Buy solutions that fit within the IT infrastructure. Because of the large investment within existing systems, any solution that doesn’t fit within the established standards requires a very strong business justification.
  • Acquire programs that can enhance the value of existing infrastructure by driving higher usage are appealing.

So why make IT more complicated than it needs to be? Companies like yours have standardized on Adobe Acrobat to address many of these pain points. They simplified the licensing that supports enterprise-wide deployment and with that software license management. They benefit from enterprise-wide maintenance and support that helps them get the most out of the investment. Plus, Acrobat integrates easily to the IT environment.

For example, Arup, a global engineering and design firm, standardized its operations on the latest version of Acrobat using the Adobe enterprise license agreement (ELA) to distribute software to employees worldwide through the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager suite—a virtual software store. Arup employees can simply request Acrobat, submit the request for approval, and IT support will download the software directly to their desktops in an automated process.

For RSM McGladrey, a tax and assurance consultancy, the enterprise program with Adobe streamlined Acrobat licensing and deployment on an ongoing basis. Today, the company spends about two hours annually tracking and updating Acrobat software licenses—a 98 percent decrease over the previous time spent by IT.

Similarly, since moving to the enterprise contract, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has reduced IT maintenance and administrative costs because everyone throughout the agency is using the same version of Acrobat. In addition, predictable budget requirements result in more effective fiscal planning.

Bottom line, by standardizing on Acrobat across your IT environment you can save a lot of time and money. Check out the Adobe ELA to see where you can cut costs and save time.

Mark Grilli, senior director of Acrobat Solutions product marketing

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