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May 21, 2012

Acrobat Customer Spotlight: Leading IT Organization Now Handles 10 Times More Accounting Transactions Per Month

With teams dispersed all over the globe and multiple review cycles, how do IT organizations enhance collaboration?

One of the ways that Epona sets itself apart from other IT consultancy firms is by concentrating on enhanced collaboration across its diverse workforce and clients worldwide. Epona president Bart van Wanroij recently talked with us about how the company is using Adobe Acrobat X Pro with Microsoft SharePoint, saying “Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft SharePoint are unparalleled at enabling more efficient collaboration.”

Epona is staying at the forefront of technology by operating in a cloud-based environment that helps safeguard proprietary information. Adds van Wanroij, “Working with SharePoint-hosted, Adobe PDF files, teams collaborate seamlessly in cloud-based environments as they share, review, and comment on materials.”

Today, Epona converts many of its business documents to PDF and uploads them to Microsoft SharePoint, as part of a process that not only saves paper, but also speeds up review and approval because all documents are centrally located and easily available in a single, reliable file format.

With Acrobat X, Epona is using a lot less paper, helping the company realize cost savings and environmental sustainability goals. By taking advantage of the PDF workflows supported by Acrobat X and Microsoft SharePoint, Epona is improving productivity all around. For instance, the company has found that fewer employees can now manage ten times more accounting transactions per month, thanks to the new efficiencies.

To read more about Epona and its use of Adobe Acrobat X Pro with Microsoft SharePoint, check out the full story here.

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March 26, 2012

Acrobat Success Story: Nexen

Just a short time ago we spoke with Paul Cawood, manager of health, safety, environment, and surface development operations for Nexen, and he discussed how the global energy exploration company, in partnership with The Silvacom Group, is using Adobe software to streamline oil-shale project management. Cawood said, “Adobe Creative Suite, Flash Builder, and Acrobat Pro helped us devise a better way to quickly reach hundreds of people over hundreds of miles to improve overall project management.”

Nexen used Adobe Flash Builder and Adobe Creative Suite software, including Adobe Flash Professional and Dreamweaver, to create a central online portal for storing important documents for seamless, dependable access to information and even travel planning from anywhere. The online portal also dramatically decreased errors in contractor applications, which greatly reduced employee turnover.

Equally important, the project management portal simplified delivering critical project information to managers, employees, and contractors, keeping all parties up to date on any changes or project developments. Using the dynamic online portal, project updates can be communicated more securely in real time, eliminating delays. As a result of Nexen adopting Adobe software throughout its organization, the company is improving worksite efficiency, enhancing employee safety, and completing jobs faster. To learn more about Nexen and its use of Adobe Acrobat Pro and other Adobe solutions, click here:

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December 16, 2011

Acrobat Wizard at Work: Marty Hardin, Palio

At Palio, we have a deep understanding of how the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly changed
over the years and how the need to explain complex ideas has evolved from both regulatory and
business standpoints. In order to meet the increasing demand for regulatory bodies, medical
professionals, and consumers, we’ve leveraged technology to its fullest to bring new products to
the marketplace.

Using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite, we’ve developed vast amounts of interactive
content—rich with video, high-definition images, and deep product information—to make our
message clearer and more readily available across a variety of devices. The simple integration
between Adobe products has enabled us to create e-brochures, marketing materials, and other
product content, as well as repurpose other projects.
Using interactive electronic documents, has enabled us to convey more information to medical
professionals and patients in a much more understandable way—making both doctors and
consumers more comfortable with and confident in the therapeutic products offered. For
example, if there is an update to product information, we can quickly change the materials
without generating twice as much printed literature for the product—something our customers
and the environment can appreciate.

We recognize how impactful dynamic PDF documents are when we present a new product to
medical professionals and their clients, helping them understand the true value of the product. By
incorporating video content into a set of product instructions, we can show—beyond just the
written word—the proper ways products should be administered. Additionally, 256-bit
encryption technology helps to ensure that documents are more secure and that the message
being received is as close as what we’re trying to communicate as possible.

—Marty Hardin, SVP, Director of Emerging Media and Technology, Palio

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December 14, 2011

Palio, an inVentiv Health company

Palio, a global communications division of inVentiv Health, is transforming marketing and pharmaceutical product education with the help of Adobe software. Palio utilizes dynamic PDF Portfolio capabilities available in Acrobat Pro to create content- and media-rich digital documents. These deliverables—including patient education briefings and global marketing guidelines—have resulted in tremendous savings for clients by accelerating document development and updating, as well as eliminating printing costs. In addition, the PDF documents Palio develops for clients help facilitate compliance with important FDA regulations because of the advanced 256-bit encryption security feature.

Palio appreciates the intuitive design and functionality of Adobe software, which has enabled print designers at the agency to create interactive materials with minimal support. Using Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium, print designers can add interactive elements and animations to documents that enable sales representatives to deliver dynamic, engaging presentations conveniently on tablets and other devices to quickly gain attention.

Palio is also experimenting with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to further simplify publishing dynamic, engaging content across devices. To learn more about how Palio uses Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium, and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to help reach a variety of audiences, click here.

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November 28, 2011

Customer Showcase: Canon

Canon—one of the world’s most well-known camera and printer manufacturers—rolled out its “One-Canon” initiative to unify the company’s software footprint. For PDF, Canon turned to Adobe and delivered Adobe Acrobat to 11,000 employees—standardizing desktops with best-in-class software, eliminating compatibility issues, and simplifying IT administration.

For employees, standardizing desktops has offered additional flexibility and functionality to keep the business moving forward. Canon employees leverage the “quick tool” function in Acrobat X to tailor the toolbar for job-specific use—placing the most frequently used capabilities at employee’s fingertips. This functionality has helped improve employee efficiency, accelerate training, and reduce support costs.

Adobe Acrobat also helps improve collaboration across project teams worldwide with dependable PDF documents. With the majority of collateral originally developed at Canon’s headquarters in Tokyo and customization occurring locally, commenting and markup features enable local managers to note changes to materials, and securely share collateral with agencies for layout—creating a seamless workflow. To learn more about Canon and its use of Adobe Acrobat X, click here.

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September 23, 2011

Customer Story: Herbert Smith LLP

Facing a challenging economic climate putting pressure on clients’ legal budgets and with the rules of the new U.K. Supreme Court calling for electronic filing of court documents, leading U.K. law firm Herbert Smith wanted to revamp many of its administrative, document-based processes.

To help achieve that goal, the innovative firm adopted Adobe Acrobat software to accelerate assembling case documents, more securely redact information, improve collaboration across legal teams, and support completing and processing business forms. In just assembling case documents alone, the firm is using Acrobat to cut the time needed to build and repaginate case books from hours to minutes.

An added advantage of using Acrobat is the ability to more securely share information across legal teams, inside and outside the firm. In addition to reliably redacting sensitive content from case documents, the firm’s staff can encrypt and password protect PDF files that are delivered to outside teams, helping better safeguard sensitive case details. For Herbert Smith, Acrobat is becoming an integral tool to support many everyday operations at the firm—to learn more about the time and efficiency gains the busy legal teams at Herbert Smith have achieved click here:


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