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July 18, 2012

How eSignatures Can Align Marketing & Sales

Since marketing and sales departments exist to make life easier for customers, I’m surprised to see so many teams drop this customer-centric philosophy at the most critical moment of the business-client relationship – the contract process. Adopting eSignatures helps sales and marketing teams save a lot of time and resources, while closing more deals with customers.

My recent article in Marketing Tech highlights several ways eSignatures benefit both the business and the customer.

For the business, eSignatures remove the contract process from the multiple steps needed to secure signatures offering a digital option that automates the many back-and-forth conversations between a sales rep and a client. Digital contracts also offer a way to collaboratively work on documents and provide an easy way to track, store and access contracts.

For the customer, eSignatures offer convenience as prospects can access contracts on the Web from their laptop, desktop and even mobile device essentially giving them 24/7 access. Most eSignature solutions don’t require software downloads, making it even more attractive for customers to sign this way. All eSignatures are backed by the federal ESIGN Act, ensuring the legality of the contract, which should put the customer at ease.

Read the full post in Marketing Tech to see how eSignatures can help increase ROI and customer loyalty.

Loretta Jones, head of marketing, Adobe EchoSign

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June 25, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – and Now – Certified

More and more companies of all sizes are turning to electronic signatures to conduct business. They know eSignatures cut the time and costs associated with traditional paper-based processes. This means closing a deal faster, which means money in the bank!

That’s why we’re committed to making Adobe EchoSign the premier eSignature solution for today’s smart businesses. So today, we’re announcing several new features aimed at giving you greater control, greater flexibility and a peace of mind, so to speak.

First, with today’s announcement, all PDF files delivered from Adobe EchoSign will be certified with the Adobe CDS certificate. Adobe Reader and Acrobat will display your document with the Blue Certified Bar. The Adobe stamp certifies that a document delivered via Adobe EchoSign has not been altered or tampered with in any way. It is the genuine article. This is the kind of peace of mind that adds trust and confidence to your deals.

Next, we’ve added the ability to collect supporting documents from signers and attach them to the contract, creating a complete package of the deal. Signers simply upload files during e-signing. The uploaded documents become part of the record for the signed document and they also can be downloaded independently as needed.

In this release, we’ve also added the ability to get documents approved, in addition to the existing functionality of getting documents signed. Approvals can be a very powerful tool for organizational business processes, which require one or more people to approve an agreement before it is sent for signature. Approvers can also be required to fill in data, add initials, or even sign the document.

Finally, Adobe EchoSign is introducing conditional rules that let you define rules in your document for specific form fields to either show or hide based on the data entered during signing. Applying the appropriate conditional rules to form fields within an agreement ensures that the data collected from signers during the signing process matches the organization’s business requirements. Conditions can be defined through the authoring interface or via text-tags. Finally, new radio button fields make it easier for signers and approvers to complete forms.

We want eSignatures to be the standard way people conduct business. And we’ll continue to add features like these to get you there. You can get a more complete description of these new features and how they can enhance your businesses workflow on the Adobe EchoSign website.

Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, Adobe EchoSign



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June 19, 2012

Adobe EchoSign eSignature App for iOS Devices Now Even Better

Late last year, Adobe EchoSign offered its first app for free download on the iTunes App Store. The release let iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users access their EchoSign accounts on their mobile devices with the same protections available on the Adobe EchoSign Web service. Today, we make that app even better.

Our iOS application continues to make it easy and legally binding to get documents signed digitally in minutes, rather than the days or weeks it might otherwise take via paper document delivery. Users have reported the value of getting documents signed in person via their iPads and of sending documents from their EchoSign libraries, photo albums, email attachments and other applications. As of today, iOS users will also be able to:

  1. Integrate with cloud-based document storage systems such as Box and Dropbox;
  2. Save frequently used documents locally to the device and send these saved documents for signature;
  3. Integrate with Box OneCloud’s mobile application to allow the Box iOS app to send documents directly to the EchoSign app;
  4. Open documents in outside applications;
  5. Print documents straight from the mobile device; and
  6. Preview documents before sending them out for signature.

Business today is a more mobile pursuit than ever before, and teams are eager to leverage cloud-based, mobile-enabled tools to increase efficiency and close more deals – faster. Adobe EchoSign for iOS devices makes it easier for mobile workforces to incorporate Web contracting into their business activities, increasing productivity.

The latest Adobe EchoSign for iOS is available now. Download the app here.

Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, Adobe EchoSign

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June 18, 2012

Adobe eSign Success Series: eSignatures Give Patients Faster Access to Healthcare

Do you get frustrated when you can’t get access to the health services you need as quickly as you require them? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, the paperwork involved in healthcare is often extensive and can hinder how quickly a patient receives required services.  By implementing eSignatures, healthcare companies can eliminate the time-consuming aspects of the traditional paper contract process and assist their patients sooner.

Large health services companies like CIGNA constantly add new physicians and small practices to their network, which is a long process. CIGNA expands its network by more than 20,000 customers a year – resulting in more than one million pieces of paper that require signatures. In order to reduce the time needed to complete the paperwork associated with these additions, the company switched to Adobe EchoSign’s eSignature solution. As a result, CIGNA decreased the time it takes to add new physicians and practices into its network by more than half.

After seeing success with Adobe EchoSign, CIGNA adopted the service enterprise-wide. With more than 65 million customers worldwide, it is important that the company has enough physicians and offices to meet its customers’ needs.

With Adobe EchoSign, CIGNA can expand its network faster, giving patients access to more resources and providing faster treatment. Switching to an e-contracting process improved CIGNA’s internal operations and customer relationships. By giving customers faster access to healthcare, CIGNA sees notably greater levels of customer satisfaction. Plus, CIGNA experienced significant savings by eliminating paper and postage, all while expanding its green initiative.

This scenario is not only true for CIGNA, but for many health providers. Paperwork is a necessary part of the healthcare industry; however, it should not prevent patients from receiving the care they need, when they need it.

See how Adobe EchoSign helps other healthcare companies improve the contracting process and provide their patients with more resources in less time here.

Loretta Jones, senior marketing manager, Adobe EchoSign

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May 17, 2012

How Suite It Is

EchoSign Awarded NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year

We are excited to share some news hot off the press from the show floor at NetSuite World.

This week NetSuite recognized Adobe EchoSign as a Netsuite SuiteApp Partner of the Year. Adobe EchoSign for NetSuite brings all of EchoSign’s functionality to NetSuite users and is the only eSignature system with complete integration to NetSuite. For the full scoop on the news, check out the EchoSign blog, here.

Learn more about EchoSign for NetSuite.

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May 15, 2012

Sports Teams Boost Ticket Sales With Digital Contracts

Beyond winning games and striving to make it to the playoffs, sports teams also need to focus on business activities. One main area of focus is increasing ticket sales – both for season and suite sales, as well as general ticket sales.

The Atlanta Hawks ticket and suite sales teams always aim to sell face-to-face, but due to the nature of the business, it’s not always possible. The sales teams had to resort to closing deals over the phone, which presented delays. Often, getting a deal signed required several back-and-forth steps through email, fax and printing. Now, with the entire suite and ticket sales team using Adobe EchoSign, salespeople can email contracts to prospects while on the phone with them and have signatures returned in as few as two minutes. Plus, the available tracking mechanisms make it simple to analyze and improve on the sales process by analyzing which contracts are opened or signed, how many contracts were sent out, how many contracts were declined versus how many were signed, and who is sending contracts and when.

With a sales team drowning in paperwork, the Carolina Hurricanes eagerly made the switch to a Web contracting solution to manage its ticket sales process. Sales reps send out contracts via the EchoSign Web applications, and buyers can respond online or via smartphones or tablets, making the process much easier and quicker for customers.  The team saw fast success when it first adopted Adobe EchoSign to renew season tickets, and customers gave positive feedback about the platform’s easy-to-use features.

eSignatures streamline the entire ticket sales process, benefitting both the sales teams and the customers. So far in the 2012 season, the Atlanta Hawks have more than doubled the number of contracts signed as compared to the same time a year ago. Both teams have seen such great results that they’re planning to extend their use of the service.

The new age of Web contracting forever changes the sales process. Watch this video to see how.

Loretta Jones, senior marketing manager, Adobe EchoSign


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