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December 2, 2013

Join Adobe EchoSign for a Free Webinar to End Your Paper Chase

Adobe EchoSign is the easiest way to get business documents signed digitally to eliminate the hassle of printing, signing, faxing and filing. Using Adobe EchoSign is as simple as attaching a document to an email and sending! It allows for real-time tracking of the document with features that track whether it has been received, opened and signed, as well as any edits made. The Adobe EchoSign system automatically files your documents so that you have access whenever they are needed. We can’t forget to mention you can do this from virtually any device such Android or iOS mobile devices, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to get contracts signed and business done anywhere, anytime.

Electronic signatures are more secure – and get the job done faster and cheaper – than paper-based signatures. Other key features such as integration ability with Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint and more make Adobe EchoSign the number one electronic signature solution you can trust.

If you want to learn more about this can help your business grow, join Adobe EchoSign for their free webinar on December 4th from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. PST. The webinar will show you how e-Signatures from Adobe EchoSign helped Adobe Global Procurement put an end to the constant paper chase. In addition, you’ll learn to:

  • Send, track, and get contracts signed using a simple electronic signature solution.
  • Cut contract execution time to save resources and reduce delays.
  • Easily access, track, and manage contracts throughout the entire signing process.

Client GT Law Solicitors said, “Adobe EchoSign aligned perfectly with our business. Since moving to a web-based contracting system, we’ve seen faster return rates and reduced costs, which makes a positive impact on our profit.”  From document preparation, to sending, to signing, tracking and filing, EchoSign offers robust, easy-to-use online signature features that work for you!

To learn more information about Adobe EchoSign visit their webpage. To register for the webinar today click here.

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November 15, 2012

Nominate Adobe EchoSign for “Best Mobile App” in the 6th Annual Crunchies Awards

It’s crunch time! Adobe EchoSign makes eSignatures simple, secure and allows you to track the status of your documents with real-time updates – even when you’re on the go! That’s why we believe Adobe EchoSign deserves the Crunchies Award for “Best Mobile App.” While EchoSign already stands out as the #1 e-Signature service, we need your help to win this award!

Here’s where you come in. From now until December 6, you can submit a nomination for Adobe EchoSign in the “Best Mobile App” category each day. All it takes is a single click, and you can do it once per day.

Hosted by GigaOm, VentureBeat and TechCrunch, the 2012 Crunchies Awards recognize the top apps, companies, innovations and innovators of the year. There’s only a few weeks left to vote, so help support your favorite mobile app for changing the game for contract deals in the cloud by voting for EchoSign today.

If you haven’t tried the EchoSign App for iOS, you can check it out here and start streamlining your business processes today!

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June 19, 2012

Adobe EchoSign eSignature App for iOS Devices Now Even Better

Late last year, Adobe EchoSign offered its first app for free download on the iTunes App Store. The release let iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users access their EchoSign accounts on their mobile devices with the same protections available on the Adobe EchoSign Web service. Today, we make that app even better.

Our iOS application continues to make it easy and legally binding to get documents signed digitally in minutes, rather than the days or weeks it might otherwise take via paper document delivery. Users have reported the value of getting documents signed in person via their iPads and of sending documents from their EchoSign libraries, photo albums, email attachments and other applications. As of today, iOS users will also be able to:

  1. Integrate with cloud-based document storage systems such as Box and Dropbox;
  2. Save frequently used documents locally to the device and send these saved documents for signature;
  3. Integrate with Box OneCloud’s mobile application to allow the Box iOS app to send documents directly to the EchoSign app;
  4. Open documents in outside applications;
  5. Print documents straight from the mobile device; and
  6. Preview documents before sending them out for signature.

Business today is a more mobile pursuit than ever before, and teams are eager to leverage cloud-based, mobile-enabled tools to increase efficiency and close more deals – faster. Adobe EchoSign for iOS devices makes it easier for mobile workforces to incorporate Web contracting into their business activities, increasing productivity.

The latest Adobe EchoSign for iOS is available now. Download the app here.

Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, Adobe EchoSign

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October 18, 2011

Adobe eSign Success Series: Small Companies Build Business with e-Signatures

There are plenty of tech innovations out there that only help a certain kind of business – usually, a bigger one. A small business does not have an IT team to deploy complex solutions or a capital expenditure budget to fund them. But small businesses DO have what it takes to use electronic signatures and take advantage of the cost savings the larger players are getting. is one example of a small business with big ideas about using technology to streamline processes, save money and improve customer service. The rental property management company works with about 200 homeowners in Florida to rent out their condos and houses to vacationers. That’s a contract-intensive business, and juggles about 100 to 150 agreements each month among independent contractor employees, property owners and renters. The company had relied on mail, fax and e-mail to get those contracts signed, but the lag time was excessive – as long as two weeks to get a signature in hand.

The property rental company adopted Adobe EchoSign, attracted by our “a la carte” pricing and Web-based service. Since then, has estimated they have saved more than $13,000 per year in postage, printing and toner cartridges, storage space and process automation. Additional savings come from the estimated 90 percent time reduction in manual processes for post-sales follow up.

Small businesses in many other industries are seeing similar results. For example, MomTrends Founder and Editor Nicole Feliciano uses e-signing to close more deals, faster. As part of her blogger outreach program, Feliciano uses Adobe EchoSign to deliver contracts electronically, automate signature requests and reminders, and store virtual documents for easy access.  Essentially, Feliciano moved her entire contracting process to the Web, and that decision has helped her focus more time on her core business tasks.

GW Truck Insurance Services, a California-based provider of commercial trucking insurance for small to medium-sized trucking companies, has also seen significant success using Adobe EchoSign. The company uses e-signatures to process insurance applications and authorize coverage for its customers online, which has significantly reduced time spent managing contracts. In addition, GW Truck Insurance Services uses Adobe EchoSign for billing and credits the automatic reminder feature with helping it get paid faster.

Big business has access to plenty of technology initiatives that are out of reach for smaller companies. E-signing is an exception. With no downloads or installations required, companies can choose free or low-cost options to move to legally binding, efficient Web-based contracts that reduce sales cycles by as much as 400 percent.

Jason Lemkin, VP of Web Business Services, Adobe.

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