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October 14, 2013

FormsCentral Pro Tip: “For Internal Use Only”

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve encountered a few different individuals who’ve asked me the same interesting question: they had to add a section to their forms that wouldn’t be filled out by the form respondents, but by the people who’d be working with the data. This would be the section you sometimes see on forms called “For Internal Use Only”; it’s a way for administrators and data collectors to categorize or qualify form responses as they read through the submissions. How could they do that with FormsCentral?

As we all pondered the issue, it occurred to us that this was a really, really easy thing to do: all you need to do is add a few extra columns in the response table in the “View Responses” tab. Here’s what I mean:

Internal Use Only columns

All I had to do was add a few extra columns at the end of the response table; I colored them red so I’d know where the form stopped and where my internal-only information began. In this example, the columns were to write down a student’s grade on the quiz, who graded the quiz, and any extra notes about the student’s work. (It’s also worth noting that since the FormsCentral response table supports basic formulas, you could use these columns to compute data using the responses to the form. Fancy!)

The extra columns also allow you to filter your responses according to your own categories instead of having to choose from the questions people answer on your form. If you create a list of categories to apply to each form response as they come in – for example, a grading system like A, A-, B+, B, and so on – you can then go back in and filter the data to show only those quizzes that received grades of A- or better; basically, you’re filtering data according to information you applied to the responses after they were submitted. Here’s how you format a column to restrict the entry options:

  • Open up the “table” menu; it’s the third button from the left when you’re in your View Responses tab:

"Table" menu

  • Click “Choices”, then click “Include a list of choices…”:

Include List of Choices

  • Add choices to populate the list that you’ll be able to choose from when categorizing form responses; when you’re done, click “Close” to return to your responses.

Add Choices

  • Back in your response table, use the drop-down that appears in the selected cell in that column:

Drop down of choices

Forgive me for being a FormsCentral geek for a minute here, but I think that’s SO COOL.

What makes this so helpful is that these columns won’t show up on the form, so there’s no risk of your form respondents seeing the categories or criteria you’re using to organize the submissions; whether you’re grading quizzes, fielding employment applications, or just tagging data, it’s a great way to keep your responses organized and neatly filed on your own terms.

Psst.. do you have a FormsCentral use case you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear it! Let us know how you’re using FormsCentral by leaving a comment below.

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October 22, 2012

Part 1: Acrobat XI Tips and Tricks Series

Just in time for Halloween, we have some Acrobat XI tips and trick-or-treats (yes, we went there) for your learning pleasure.  This is the first in a series of posts where we’ll share how-to videos from the Acrobat channel on Adobe TV that offer tips on working with PDF documents and forms in the recently released Acrobat XI.

Today’s video is all about converting PDF files. Acrobat XI makes it even easier to convert a PDF file into a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document that you can quickly edit and reuse. Don’t be scared, check it out!


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August 15, 2011

FormsCentral Customer Spotlight: Education Administration

Christopher Atwood, Director of Academic Technology at Pomfret School, recently talked to us about how the school uses Adobe FormsCentral as a rich, collaborative, and environmentally responsible course registration and assessment tool. Pomfret administrators looked at how they could automate many document processes that traditionally relied on paper. With a history of success using Adobe software in classrooms, school administrators turned to Adobe to help automate several routing processes. Atwood says, “With Adobe FormsCentral we’ve expanded our relationship with Adobe and now have exactly the right solution to tackle a variety of administrative challenges.”

For example, Adobe FormsCentral provides Pomfret School a flexible platform to create and deliver registration and testing forms to students at the beginning of each school year. At the same time, skills-assessment forms for math and other subjects are made available online to incoming students, enabling Pomfret to place students in classes best-suited to their skill levels. The Adobe solution also streamlines sharing student assessments with teachers, who no longer have to wait for paper-based tests to arrive by mail or come back to campus to pick up assessments. To learn more about how Pomfret School is using Adobe FormsCentral, click here.

Todd Gerber, group product marketing manager, Acrobat Solutions

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August 10, 2011

Come a little closer: What’s new in FormsCentral

We feel very lucky to be hearing from all of you about what you need in a good cloud-based forms authoring and distribution service. As you may have read, we’ve recently been able to implement several brand new features that you have been asking about for some time. In several installments over the next week or two, we’ll take a closer look at these features and what you can now newly do with Adobe FormsCentral!

New feature #1: Page Skip Logic

This addition was one of the features most often requested on the forum and through e-mail feedback to the team. Until now, respondents have had to go through all questions on a form, and in some cases, only a subset of respondents would need to respond to all of those. Thus, you may have been required to include apologies like “If you answered yes to the last question, go to question 3. If you answered no, go to question 4.”

No longer! Now, with either the Basic or the Plus plan, you can add rules to your page breaks that allow questions to be skipped altogether.

For the full post, click here.

New feature #2: Summary Reports

Summary reports. These beauties are now built into your forms once data starts flowing in; without exporting any data or fussing around with other spreadsheet programs, you can view your form’s responses graphically. Today, we’ll go through the details of what these summaries can do for you in FormsCentral.

For the full post, click here.

New feature #3: Form Templates

Now, born of your innovation (and your many requests for new ways to kick-start certain form types), we present 7 new form templates to support the various ways in which you’ve been using FormsCentral. We like to keep them organized by category, so here they are, according to the type of form they represent.

For the full post, click here.

Rebecca Staley, marketing specialist, Acrobat Solutions

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August 3, 2011

FormsCentral Tweetaway

If you’ve ever collected data or used any kind of submission form for your organization, don’t miss this chance to win a free year of Adobe FormsCentral, built by the Acrobat Solutions team with a legacy of PDF forms expertise!  Just jump on your Twitter account and tune in for a series of helpful tips & Acro-facts – all you have to do is ReTweet our posts with the hashtag #FormsCentral to enter!  FormsCentral is one of the easiest ways to collect, analyze, and report on your data.  Learn more about the latest new features such as Summary Reports, Rating Scales, Apply Skip Logic, Twitter integration and more.

From Wednesday, August 3rd through the 10th, any Acrobat follower who ReTweets our #FormsCentral posts will be eligible for a yearlong FormsCentral subscription!  Help us spread the word on the latest updates and features to be added to FormsCentral!

FormsCentral is designed to provide the most up to date, intuitive and useful services for your business, so don’t miss a chance to win a yearlong subscription for free!  Check the Acrobat Twitter account for the latest updates and information. Be sure to pay attention to the Acrobat account for your chances to RT, and follow us for more information and of course winner announcements.

The contest opens 9 a.m., Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, and closes 2 p.m., Thursday, August 11th, 2011. The prize drawing will occur on or before 5 p.m., August 11th, 2011, with the winner announcement occurring that day as well. The drawings are open to residents in North America only.

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July 27, 2011

Bring Your Data to Life

FormsCentral adds summary reports, ratings scale, skip logic, Twitter integration and more

Since we introduced our online forms service, FormsCentral, we’ve seen all sorts of organizations – from businesses and educational institutions to nonprofits – take advantage of the simplicity and speed our service provides to design, distribute, collect, and analyze data from HTML forms and surveys. Customers have been using FormsCentral for everything from grant applications and satisfaction surveys to class and event registration, as well as research. With the help of FormsCentral, they are moving their organizations forward, maintaining brand integrity, and creating worthwhile experiences for their constituencies. What’s more, they did all this without having to call the IT department.

While FormsCentral has made the task of creating surveys and collecting and analyzing data simpler than ever, there were a few loose ends.  We took a look at the wish lists and the pain points of both forms creators and forms fillers and have added several new features, including the following that we are announcing today:

  • Create Summary Reports – Automatically generate a summary report for each form or survey you create. For each chart in the report, decide whether to display the caption, absolute count, or percentage of the total. Export the summary report to PDF or as a zip file of all the images to place directly in a presentation.
  • Add Rating Scales – Get quick insights into customer opinions regarding your product or services – are they satisfied or unsatisfied with our level of support, ease of use?
  • Apply Page Skip Logic – Tailor the form path with your respondent’s answers. With the easy-to-use interface you can define which page of your form respondents go to next based on their answer(s) to a previous question or even a combination of questions. (Paid-only feature)
  • Redirect after submit – After respondents submit the form, redirect them to your website from the confirmation page or send them back to an empty form so they can fill it out again. (Paid-only feature)
  • Embed your form – Cut-and-paste provided HTML code into your website or wiki and the form you created appears directly within your site. As always, responses are collected and stored within FormsCentral where you can analyze and share results easily.
  • Integrate with Twitter – Sign into Twitter and post a message with a link to your form or survey from within FormsCentral.

We created FormsCentral to save you time and allow you to respond faster to customer and business needs. We think we’ve made FormsCentral even easier to use and more customizable with these new capabilities. For small and medium sized businesses that need an easy platform to create professional, branded forms, FormsCentral is the answer.

And it’s affordable! A free account gives you one form and up to 50 responses, and you can begin collecting and reviewing responses immediately. For $14.99 per month, you can create up to five forms and collect 500 responses per form. For $199 a year, you can create any unlimited number of forms or surveys and get up to 5,000 responses each.

If you haven’t yet tried FormsCentral, now is a great time to get all the details and go for a free test drive. When you see how it can add a new dimension to your business, we’ll think you’ll be sold.

Randy Swineford, group product manager, Acrobat Solutions




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