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December 9, 2011

How to Thank Someone Nicely for a Terrible Gift: A Holiday Quiz presented by Adobe FormsCentral

Around this time last year, the holiday season was picking up steam. The air hummed with a familiar excitement; the cold weather was welcome and felt cheery; municipal centers everywhere put up giant glowing trees; and frantic shoppers packed all kinds of shops, desperately digging for the perfect gifts.

However, you noticed with some dismay that the perfect gift had evaded Aunt Gertrude. On the third night of Hanukkah, she proudly presented you with what you thought was a fuzzy throw pillow. How sweet, you thought naively, a homemade present. Then you noticed it smelled of moth balls and – was that the odor of gasoline? You never got a chance to investigate; when the pillow began to crawl away on what looked like thousands of tiny legs, you chose not to pursue it.

Now, you’re dreading Aunt Gertrude’s return to the family’s annual holiday party; who knows what she might bring along? She’s senile, she can’t help it, your mother says. She means well, your father says. But what does one say to a smelly pillow that walks? What should you tell your Aunt Gertrude?!

Fear not, dear reader. This year, the team at Adobe FormsCentral has put together a fool-proof plan to help you respond to any kind of terrible holiday gift, even the kind that come from Aunt Gertrude. Moldy Christmas fruitcake from the neighbors? “Art” from your sister’s weirdo husband? We’ve got you covered. Take the quiz, and go forth to your holiday gatherings with the confidence that you’ll have the perfect reply for whatever the holiday season has to offer you.


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