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June 11, 2012

Where Does it Hurt? A Closer Look at Pain Points

In my talks with customers, it always amazes me how much similarity there is in the core problems businesses are trying to solve. Companies are trying to figure how to get things done more efficiently and effectively, while at the same time, lower costs, streamline their processes, protect their business interests, and empowering their end users with best practices.

This is no easy feat for IT. Where to start? I have found that the best organizations do this by first focusing on prioritizing the “pain points” of their end users.

My latest article in Lifehack expands more on the specific challenges I hear on daily basis from customers, like: “Editing PDF documents is a hassle” and “It’s hard to send large files with email and IT restrictions”. In the article, I suggest that IT organizations think beyond just offering tools and begin to leverage best in class practices for their business that address the common issues of the end user. This becomes even important as we move into a new business climate where we are not just trying to be productive on our PC’s, but also on our phones and tablets.

Thanks to feedback from our customers, this is how we think at Adobe when addressing their needs. Now, many companies including McGladrey, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, and Canon are deploying Acrobat for reasons that directly address the pain points of their employees, customers and constituents, and they are all realizing extraordinary benefits.

You can read the full post in Lifehack here for a list of common customer IT “pain points”.

–Mark Grilli, senior director of product marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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November 3, 2011

Getting the Most Out of Working in a Digital World

As director of product marketing for Acrobat Solutions at Adobe, I speak with customers everyday about how they can better maximize their productivity in the workplace. They talk about how it gets more and more difficult every day to manage the increasing volume of information, the growing variety of devices, and generally keeping everyone on the same page.

We tend to rely on technology to make our days more productive. But with so many different tools and platforms available these days, are we overcomplicating things?

In my recent article in Lifehack – a site that provides tips for increasing productivity and organization – I encourage knowledge workers to take a hard look at their digital work habits and recognize whether these habits are helping or hurting productivity. In the article, I focus on the digital document because of the critical role that documents, particularly PDF, play in everyday work. I also dive deep into the importance of “putting content into context”, not “breaking the chain of workflow” and protecting yourself in an online environment that can easily be compromised.

While IT departments can arm employees with the right tools and training, individuals ultimately have control over how they put the training and the tools into use. Check out the full post in Lifehack here for tips on how to get your digital workflow under control.

–Mark Grilli, director of product marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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