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August 6, 2012

Catch A Break Now With SendNow

Here’s the vacation you thought you’d be taking this summer: A relaxing drive to the lake, kids and dog panting happily in the backseat with the windows down. Days spent grilling and sailing and nothing but sun in your face and wide lake ahead.

But here we are in August, and that vacation is nowhere to be seen and everything just has to get done RIGHT NOW. Where’s that vacation you’ve been waiting on for months on end?

Well, Adobe SendNow can’t send you on a sailing getaway – but it can send your most important documents sailing off securely and quickly to your clients and colleagues. Need to send out some new contracts? SendNow saves you a battle with that grumpy office fax machine. Have some video files that need approval from a client? SendNow lets you get those videos to their destination without an excruciatingly hot walk down the street to mail a hard drive.

For a limited time, an annual subscription to SendNow will be available for a super summer discount. Go check out the SendNow summer break savings today!

-       Rebecca Staley

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November 18, 2011

Adobe SendNow Updates; The Talk of the Town

It’s been an exciting week for the Acrobat Solutions team. We just released two major updates to our file transfer service and we couldn’t be happier with the reaction we have gotten. First we introduced a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, so now you don’t have to leave the comforts of email when trying to send large files that would have otherwise been flagged by your IT department.  The other update we announced was a Convert to PDF feature that allows you to convert a file to a PDF file before you send it from right within Adobe SendNow.

Legal, IT, and consumer technology media have also expressed their excitement over the new updates. Stories in PCWorld and CMSWire, for example,  point out the Outlook plug-in and the ease with which you can share large files.

And we’d also love to hear what you think about the updates, and help spread the word!

William Lau, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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November 14, 2011

Outlook Plug-in, One-click Convert to PDF Make SendNow File Transfers Faster, Easier

We’re always thinking of ways to make Adobe SendNow the easiest to use – and most powerful – online file transfer service on the planet. Today, we have some big news for you.

We’re introducing Adobe SendNow for Microsoft Outlook – our new plug-in that lets you send large files right from your email program. Now you don’t have to deal with your IT department blocking you from sending large files. All you need to do is upload it to SendNow. Instead of having your large file go into the recipient’s Junk e-mail folder, you can track the files and know when recipients receive them. And recipients get a download-from link instead of a large mailbox-jamming attachment. What could be easier?

We’re also introducing one-click Convert to PDF. It lets you convert a file to PDF before you send it. We’ve combined PDF conversion (you get an unlimited number of conversions, by the way) and file transfer to get your important documents to others faster. When speed is of the essence – and when isn’t it? – Convert to PDF saves the step of having to use a separate PDF conversion service. What could be faster?

Both the Outlook plug-in and one-click Convert to PDF are available now. Convert to PDF is free and is available with both Basic and Plus SendNow subscription levels.

The Outlook plug-in is available for free download, and capabilities are linked to subscription levels .

So if speed and ease of use are important to getting your job done, what are you waiting for? Check out Adobe SendNow.

William Lau, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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October 24, 2011

Adobe SendNow: It’s Ideal for Lawyers Too

PDF for Lawyers, a popular legal blog, has just published a wonderful post on using SendNow to send files to others.  Ernest Svenson, a litigator from New Orleans, draws attention to the Detailed Tracking feature and says it’s like “having an audit trail of the fact that the documents were produced on a certain date. Litigators surely want this, and I would think that they’d happily pay the $10/month fee.”

For the full article, go take a look at the PDF for Lawyers:

William Lau

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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October 11, 2011

How Sweet: GeekSugar picks Adobe SendNow as a top app to send large files

You know, as a rule, we’re not a bunch to go singing our own praises all over the internet. However, when it’s others who are doing the singing…well, we don’t mind letting you know where to hear them sing. We’re tickled pink that Adobe SendNow has been featured as one of the top apps on GeekSugar’s latest roundup, titled “How to Send Large Digital Files”. Of course we think SendNow is one of the best ways to do it; we’re just glad that GeekSugar agrees! To see what they have to say about our file sending service, head on over to GeekSugar.

- Rebecca Staley

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August 17, 2011

Adobe SendNow Tweetaway

Have you been using Adobe SendNow for sending your biggest files?  Our updated cloud file transfer service was created to help you avoid the hassle of FTP servers, bounced emails, or any of the other obstacles that come with transferring large amounts of data.  And now, you have an opportunity to win a year-long subscription to Adobe SendNow just by hopping on your Twitter account and helping us spread the word!

Beginning today (Wednesday, August 17th ) and running until August 24th, please join our Adobe SendNow Tweetaway! We’ll be publishing tweets accompanied by the #TrySendNow hashtag.  Just follow us and ReTweet any of them to become eligible for our random drawing.  A year’s worth of hassle free, zero cost file transfers can be yours just for the price of a ReTweet!  Stay tuned to our Twitter account, keep an eye out for the #TrySendNow hashtag, and thanks!

The contest opens at 10 a.m., Wednesday, August 17, 2011, and closes 2 p.m., Wednesday August 24, 2011. The prize drawing for SendNow (no product prize exchanges available) will occur on or before 5 p.m., August 24th, 2011 with the winner announcement occurring that day well. The drawings are open to residents in North America only.


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