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February 2, 2011

Adobe Acrobat TV: Get Lost in “Translation”!

Do you know more than one language? If so, you’d be perfect for the Adobe TV Acrobat Community Translation project!

The project was launched in 2010 and offers participants an opportunity to translate Adobe TV Acrobat videos into any language. The program is already 57 participants strong with more than 128 videos translated.

Adobe TV translators are volunteers and anyone can apply to translate. We’re looking for individuals who can translate Adobe TV Acrobat video content, while maintaining the tone and personality of the original speaker. Once you’re approved, you can translate as many videos as you’d like. 

And the more videos you translate, the better! We’re giving away small prizes like iTunes cards for the great work being produced by our translators. Also, for every video each volunteer works on, he or she earns 50 Adobe TV points. Translators with at least 2,000 Adobe TV points will be featured in the Translator Showcase coming soon.

Signing up is very easy and you can learn more about the translation process here!

Lori DeFurio, Group Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat Solutions

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