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June 21, 2013

Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11.0.3 update and signature field detection

In the Adobe Reader and Acrobat 11.0.03 patch, we introduced the signature field detection capability which identifies documents that the user may need to sign. Unfortunately, the signature field detection algorithm is finding some false positives and displaying the signature field detected message when it should not. We have been following the discussions on our user forums, and understand the inconvenience it has caused for some users who encountered falsely identified documents. We do apologize.

Users can quickly hide the message bar that appears for a document by clicking the icon on the left of the message bar. IT professionals and others familiar with working with registry settings can follow the instructions provided in the version 11.0.3 release notes to disable this message.
Message bar for signature fields detected
We are diligently working on improvements for the signature field detection accuracy. We are also planning to add the ability for users to turn off the signature detection message more easily. We hope to bring the improvements to you soon. Stay tuned.

9/10/13 UPDATE: The auto-detect signature field feature is disabled by default. Please see 11.0.04 Update Release for more info:

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May 14, 2013

Adobe Reader and Acrobat Quarterly Updates Now Available

Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.02) and earlier versions for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe Reader 9.5.4 and earlier 9.x versions for Linux. You can update your system to the latest versions from the built-in updater or by downloading the patch from the Adobe website. IT professionals can get more details on the update and deploying it from the Enterprise Toolkit for Acrobat products.

For more details please review the official security bulletin.

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February 19, 2013

Adobe Reader and Acrobat updates planned for week of February 18, 2013

UPDATE for FEBRUARY 20, 2013: Patches are now available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI for Windows and Macintosh, X for Windows and Macintosh, and 9 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Please refer to the Security Advisory section of the Adobe website as well as the Adobe PSIRT blog for details.

Adobe plans to make available updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.01 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh, X (10.1.5 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh, 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe Reader 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Linux during the week of February 18, 2013. Adobe will continue to provide updates on these issues via the Security Advisory section of the Adobe website as well as the Adobe PSIRT blog. Please refer to these resources for any details.

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June 20, 2012

FormsCentral Goes Global

Bonjour, nos amis! Also, buongiorno, guten Tag, buenos días, god dagga, and hyvää päivää. Today is an exciting day for FormsCentral–we’re going global. If you are a native speaker of (or just prefer to speak) French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Japanese (whew!), you can now view the FormsCentral service in whichever of those languages you choose. Not only will all of your menus and interface elements be displayed in the language of your choice, but any email notifications sent by FormsCentral will also be presented in that language.

But what if you live in Norway and need to send a form to the denizens of Holland? No problem. Any form you build with your language-specific interface will allow for input in any of the twelve available languages. You can specify the language in which the distributed form will be presented, and you can build the form using your familiar Norwegian interface, but then distribute the form for speakers of Dutch. In this particular case, certain elements of the form (such as the submit button or any error messages that your form respondents might see) will be in Dutch, and not Norwegian—and you don’t need to do any translating (although you’re still on the hook for writing your own questions).

We’re so excited about localizing FormsCentral that we may just go throw ourselves a fiesta. Or maybe a feestje. Maybe we’ll send a form out to the FormsCentral team to see what kind of divertimento everyone wants to have. In the meantime, you can change your language settings by clicking on your account menu in FormsCentral and choosing “My Information”. Or “Dati personali”. Or “Eigene Informationen”. Or…well, you get the idea.

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