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November 21, 2011 /Events /

Thanksgiving Movie Poll

I come from a big family. Every year, come Thanksgiving, we crowd into my parents’ house: Myself and my three siblings, our respective entourages, aunts, uncles, grandparents, even great-grandparents; we’re quite the clan. As you can imagine, Thanksgiving dinner is a chaotic melee, in which we’re all left to fend for ourselves and eat whatever is passed our way (when I was ten, so many people came to dinner that no one was paying attention to me and I ate nothing but pie. That was a good year).

However, not even that scene can compare to what happens after dinner: when we all vie for places on the couch and argue over what movie to watch. My choice is the same every year: almost nothing is as seasonally hysterical as Robert Downey Jr. terrorizing his older sister in Home for the Holidays. But to hear my brother tell it, it isn’t a real holiday unless we watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Here at Adobe, we’ve been having this same discussion from one desk to another. It got heated at times, but before it came to blows, we decided that we’d better crowd-source this one; to that end, we’ve cooked up a poll so you can let us know what movie you and your family like to watch around Thanksgiving time. We’d all love to hear from you: what do you put on when you’re digesting all that turkey? Click here to report your favorite holiday film!

–          Rebecca Staley

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