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February 19, 2009 /News, Views & Updates /

That’s one scary PDF file!

Here’s a PDF file that my 6-year-old would find really cool. And it takes “3D in PDF” to a whole other level. Get a nice diversion from those work-a-day PDF files after the break…


Ray Keim has a website where he posts paper models of Disney’s haunted houses. By downloading the PDF files and getting out your scissors and glue, you can make some really cool creations.

According to his bio, Ray has had a pretty illustrious career, including work as an art director, animator, and designer, work as a scale model set builder/designer for various broadcast television shows, and work designing new rides and attractions for the Universal Orlando theme park, including the new Simpson’s Ride.

Ray – I want to see a PDF of the Simpson’s house!

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  • By SHAUNNA - 6:02 PM on July 13, 2010   Reply

    Nicely performed. And thank you for sharing.

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