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August 30, 2011 /IT /

The Changing Face of Collaboration in the Enterprise

Mark Grilli, Director of Acrobat Solutions, offers his thoughts on the new direction of collaboration.  Be sure to click over to his extended blog post!

There’s been a dramatic shift in how we exchange information and collaborate in the workplace. We’re officially in the “social media era,” where working with each other means IM, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As these technologies transition into the traditional enterprise, even the most customary and mundane tasks are expected to live up to the new standard they set. Let’s face it: the way we work today is different from how we worked just five years ago, and we must conform.

For this post, I’m going to use the digital document as my example because of the critical role it plays in everyday business processes. Once you turn a dull process like document creation and review, into a more intuitive social practice, you can make the leap from a “traditional enterprise” to a “collaborative enterprise.” In a study of enterprise collaboration techniques, the Gilbane Group said, “The document is becoming a parallel collaboration channel to the Web, a channel in which people not only create and consume ideas, but also interact around them, creating innovation and value.” By including links, buttons, and rich content, such as drawings, images, videos, and embedded web pages, document consumers and creators have endless options to improve productivity, quality of work and their overall experience.

For more from Mark Grilli, be sure to check out this extended blog post from Enterprise Features!

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