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April 5, 2011 /IT /

This is “IT”

IT is not changing, yet it is. It’s an odd thing to say, but IMs, blogs, wikis are just a few examples of how newer technologies are now rooted in the traditional enterprise. While the technology may change, IT’s challenges will always remain the same: lower the cost of IT, extend legacy systems, easily deploy new solutions and identify IT solutions that advance the business. Put another way, IT challenges aren’t changing, but the technology is.

Whether you’re an IT manager or procurement manager, you tell us that that you want solutions that work well with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and SharePoint. You want technology that accelerates project reviews but that simultaneously makes sure that sensitive documents are safeguarded. And you tell us that new technology solutions are only as good as how easy they are to deploy.

We heard your feedback, and we started thinking about the best ways to address your issues, and more important, provide a means for you to learn from the trends and concerns that face your IT professional peers every day. We want to share something that’s information-rich and constantly refreshed, but not overwhelming. We came up with the Acrobat IT Resource Center.

We envision the IT Resource Center as a destination for you to not only learn more about Adobe and Acrobat technology, but also as a way for you to seek advice and perspective from IT thought leaders. As a matter of fact, we’ve got some excellent content lined up now with more great content coming soon. Our first whitepaper in the IT Resource Center, “IT’s Next Challenge,” takes a look at the next steps for IT to collaborate beyond office walls, enable IT’s infrastructure to better support the increase of rich media within documents, and of course, reduce costs by being more efficient. You’ll read about a few of our great Acrobat customers like Hassell, Dividi Projects and Bombardier who have made great strides increasing the efficiency of document collaboration and exchange solutions to meet business objectives.

The IT Resource Center will also include valuable information from Adobe Acrobat IT evangelist Joel Geraci’s blog “IT Matters” and Acrobat power users to discuss resources and get the latest news. Also stay tuned for an array of videos hosted by our team that highlights trends in IT and the key Acrobat capabilities for IT.

Not only do we look forward to continuing to hear your thoughts about challenges facing IT, but we’re also excited about sharing some of our great stories, industry insight, and of course, solutions with you. Let us know what you think about the IT Resource Center. We’re looking forward to continuing this dialogue with you, let me know what you think,

Mark Grilli, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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