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June 27, 2009

This Week in Acrobat – Week of June 22

Here’s your weekly summary of Acrobat news, Acrobat tips and user comments about Acrobat. Summarizing Twitter (so you don’t have to).  Enjoy your weekend.

Dave Stromfeld
On Twitter at @acro_dave


  • 06-26-09 From the blog "Yes Tech!" – How teachers can use #Acrobat to scan those old worksheets and let students “type” on them using Reader (via @shoemap)


User Feedback

  • 06-24-09 RT @idigtype: Acrobat professional does excellent job at combining PDFs even when pages have varying landscape and portrait orientations.
  • 06-25-09 RT @Bill_Daniels: Working on better way to manage large batches of records in major personal injury case using #Acrobat. Works like charm!
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  • By Wesley Allanbrook - 5:43 AM on August 5, 2009  

    Hi Dave,
    I guess there still isn’t any news on the MDI/SDI issue.
    I can’t tell you how frustrating that is to me.
    Acrobat 9 continues to be a huge pain for me, so now I’m telling anyone who will listen not to upgrade. I use acrobat all the time and I’d love to see you guys do well, I just cant understand the lack of action coming from adobe.
    I know you keep telling us that you’ll post an update when you have one, but that isn’t holding much water anymore. I think some type of answer is in order…I cant believe that no one has addressed this issue internally yet.
    It is getting close to a year going by without any answer. Is that a good way to keep loyal customers?

    [Wesley - As you can imagine, with a product like Acrobat and Reader, there are many people managing different areas. I'll try to find out from the people more familiar with this area what the status is. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. - Dave]

  • By Harry Chandler - 10:40 AM on November 3, 2009  

    I am trying to reach a product manager for Acrobat. I run a technology group at Los Angeles’ major museum, LACMA, and want to talk to someone about using the Adobe product for digital publishing of our art books.

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