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December 20, 2010 /How-To's /

Tune in to Acrobat X TV: Tips & Tricks Series

Just getting started in Acrobat X?

In case your head is spinning by the new features and capabilities in Acrobat X, we’ve just made your lives a lot easier!

Our fantastic Acrobat User Community experts have developed a series of Acrobat X Tips and Tricks videos in Adobe TV that walk you through not only the new tools, but also the cool, lesser-known capabilities that have been available since earlier Acrobat versions.

We don’t need to tell you that Acrobat isn’t just about converting to PDFs, and each video in this series discusses Acrobat’s richer capabilities like adding multimedia to PDFs, protecting your documents, creating customized “actions” and developing PDF Portfolios. For instance, our first video in the series, “Adding Rich Media to PDF Files,” shows you how to add Flash, video and sound in a PDF using the new Content panel in Acrobat X.

Whether you’re interested in creating forms, producing engaging marketing materials with PDF Portfolios and everything in between, stay tuned to @Acrobat for tweets featuring these Acrobat X Tips and Tricks videos!

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