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October 21, 2010 /News, Views & Updates /

Under The Hood: A Behind the Scenes Look at the New Acrobat X User Interface

The user experience. It’s always been important, and it’s always been something any company worth its salt will focus on when building new software. Take the newly-announced Acrobat X for example. We started gathering feedback from the Acrobat user community pretty much the day after launching Acrobat  9. For Acrobat X, we wanted to clearly communicate that Acrobat is about more than just PDF creation, and consequently have the UI really talk the talk. We wanted to make it easy for those familiar with Acrobat to take a deeper dive into areas that may be new to them. And we wanted to reduce redundancy, clutter and multiple entry points to make the whole experience more sleek and intuitive.

This comprehensive Q&A with Acrobat senior product manager Chris French, “The What and Why Behind the Acrobat UI Changes”  goes deep into the changes — and the thinking behind the decisions — in the simplified and streamlined UI of Acrobat X. Chris takes a thoughtful look at the new UI changes, describes the process behind them, and explains how the Acrobat user community helped steer the direction in many of the decisions. Check out the Acrobat User Community story here. Enjoy!

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