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July 24, 2014 /How-To's /

Using JavaScript in your PDF forms = Easy!

I think we’re all pretty well-versed in just how awesome PDF forms are. First, you create a form in any program you want (I always use InDesign, but Microsoft Word is another great place to start). Next, you convert to PDF and let Acrobat find all the potential form fields (and oh my gosh, that looks like magic every time!). Finally, you add custom JavaScript to make the form fields behave just the way you want them to.

Wait a minute, are you telling me you don’t use JavaScript to customize your PDF forms? Oh my, how embarrassing. You’d better take a look at some of the tips our Acrobat experts have over at the Acrobat User Community and pretend you’ve been doing this all along.*

*Or, frankly, you can do what I do and get someone else to write the JavaScript for you. We’re all good at different things, okay?!


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  • By Jay - 8:28 AM on July 29, 2014   Reply

    I love using JavaScript to customize forms, but often the scripts don’t work with mobile devices. Any tips on which scripts will work with mobile devices?

    • By Rebecca Staley - 1:15 PM on July 30, 2014   Reply

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for the comment. You can refer to the API document that describes Reader’s JavaScript support on iOS and Android; we’re actively working on building that document out, so stay tuned. We’re also expecting there to be some more documentation on this front in the not-too-distant future, so we’ll let you know here on the blog when we’ve got more to share.

      Hope that helps!

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