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April 16, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

Customer Success Story: Wayne State University

To help offer students a more active, vibrant campus life, the Dean of Students Office (DOSO) at Wayne State University is using Adobe FormsCentral to create, distribute, and collect information about campus activities and events. According to Denise Dejonghe, marketing coordinator at DOSO at the university, the Adobe solution aids the university as it looks to continually enhance the collegiate experience.

“Adobe FormsCentral is an intuitive solution that enables anyone in our office, including part‐time student employees, to rapidly create important forms and distribute them to students and campus organizations easily.” As a result, DOSO and more than 300 student organizations can efficiently promote involvement in social, spiritual/religious, service, university pride, leadership events, and other activities—using Adobe FormsCentral to help collect information for retreats, orders, applications, and registrations, as well as assessment. The university student government even uses Adobe FormsCentral in its election process every spring.

Before moving to the Adobe solution, staff members created online forms manually. With Adobe FormsCentral staff and authorized students can now quickly create a variety of easily accessible, interactive forms that dramatically reduce the time it takes to collect student surveys, event registrations, and other information. Adds Dejonghe, “Using Adobe FormsCentral we embedded approximately 25 standardized digital form templates directly into our website, enabling students and organization leaders to access and distribute them any time or day of the week.”

Forms completed with the Adobe solution are easily tracked and analyzed, and DOSO can use the Adobe FormsCentral results table to instantly sort and filter responses, track trends, and analyze and share information with colleagues and student leaders. To learn more about Wayne State and its use of Adobe FormsCentral, click here.

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