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April 17, 2012 /Customer Showcase /

Adobe eSign Success Series: Web Contracting Improves Productivity Company Wide

Like any other industry, the telecommunications industry requires collaboration between several different departments, which naturally results in lots of paperwork.

From the human resources department to business development, paperwork is constantly being filed and tracked. However, it is often difficult to manage so many documents, hindering productivity and causing confusion when the necessary document cannot be found.

Since time is money, companies in the telecom industry cannot afford to spend extra time looking for lost paperwork. An eSignature solution enables departments to complete contracts faster and allows for automatic filing, eliminating the need to track lost documents.

Advantix Solutions – an organization that specializes in optimizing, negotiating and managing complex telecom programs for companies in multiple industries, which results in stacks of paperwork – is a great example. Before Advantix Solutions adopted an eSignature solution, various departments struggled with storing, tracking and securing sensitive documents. After experiencing the drawbacks associated with paper agreements, the team decided to switch to an eSignature solution and determined that Adobe EchoSign was the best fit.

The solution was easily integrated with other Advantix platforms, making it span effortlessly across all departments. The business development team uses Adobe EchoSign during contracting with clients and partners, as it provides verifiable time stamps on non-disclosure agreements. The human resources department uses the eSignature solution slightly differently, relying on Adobe EchoSign to file and store job offer letters and documents involved in the employee review process.

Simple to use, Adobe EchoSign didn’t require advanced training for employees.  Departments were quickly able to use the eSignature solution to its fullest extent. After the switch, Advantix Solutions noticed a significantly shorter contracting process and documents no longer went missing.  It was much easier to provide analysis and management services to customers once all of the necessary documents were stored in one place. Implementing an eSignature solution saves time and helps more companies in the telecom industry provide the best possible service.

How has adopting eSignatures helped your business? We’d love to hear from you.

Loretta Jones, senior marketing manager, Adobe

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