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November 5, 2010 /Online Services /

Welcome to Our Cloud

There’s a major shift taking place in the workplace today. We’re moving from relying on a single desktop computer, or sharing enterprise-class server resources, to drawing on services in the cloud. What’s more, each of us uses more than one machine. Besides our laptops, we likely have a computer at home, and we have a neat little computer that fits in our pockets, we call a smart phone.

As these devices have allowed us to become more connected, the need to be able to exchange documents easily becomes more and more critical to business as well as personal success. There is no longer any reason to tie documents to one machine. We should be able to get access to and retrieve and view those files reliably no matter where we are and no matter what device we are using at the time. And this is where the cloud delivers value.

Just a few weeks ago, we announced the new Acrobat X software family, including new cloud services from Today, we’re announcing the availability of those new services – Adobe SendNow and Adobe CreatePDF. Both services are ready to help you solve real business and collaboration problems now.

Adobe SendNow is our new file sharing service that provides a one-stop destination for sending and receiving large files among colleagues and coworkers. While this concept isn’t new —allowing for multiple people to access a single document from any number of locations —SendNow’s delivery is unique. Using just the one service, you can:

  • Send large files from your computer to one or many recipients.
  • View files that you’ve sent off in the past, and see when and to whom they were sent.
  • Keep an eye out for files that have been sent to you.

From a central dashboard, you can now manage your sent documents and download others, all with just a few simple clicks. If the documents contain sensitive information, you can require your recipients to sign in before viewing the file, and can set a particular time frame in which the file can be downloaded. You’ll also have a record of all of your file transactions—sent and received—so you won’t lose track of who’s seen which file and when. What’s more, if you’ve already shared the file, and realized that you forgot to add someone to the list all you need do is locate the file in the “Sent Files” section and simply forward it with a single click.

Adobe CreatePDF is our new service for easy, online PDF creation from any desktop computer. Although this isn’t the first online PDF creation service we’ve offered, Adobe CreatePDF has been redesigned to simplify the process of turning your files into a high-quality PDF document, while allowing you to do more than before.

Now Adobe CreatePDF will let you do more than just convert your Office documents, images and other supported files into an Adobe PDF from your web browser. You will also be able to combine documents into a single PDF file, and if you are using Microsoft Windows, you will be able to install a special printer driver that will allow you to create a PDF file online from any application that can print. Within Adobe Reader X, a new Share pane provides a connection to the online Adobe CreatePDF service, making it easy to create a document that you know others will be able to view consistently.

So welcome to our cloud. I encourage you to try out these new services to experience the cloud like never before. And then let me know what you think.

Mark Grilli, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat Solutions

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