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August 10, 2010 /How-To's /

Your Acrobat “TV Guide” for the Summer

It’s summer, and you know what that means for your favorite TV shows—reruns!

Not to worry – Adobe TV has you covered with a number of programs that are new to you.

Check out this listing of shows featuring Acrobat, including a few of my favorites: “The PDF Developer Junkie,” “Customer Stories: Acrobat” and “Acrobat Tips and Tricks.” The best part? You can watch them at any time:

The PDF Developer Junkie with Joel Geraci
Anytime Adobe TV        approx. 5 min   2010    TV-G
Program Info:A series of short episodes where Joel Geraci, Acrobat technical evangelist, shares tips, tricks, examples and news to help you discover all the cool stuff you can do with PDF.

Customer Stories: Acrobat
Anytime Adobe TV        approx. 3 min   2010    TV-G
Program Info:Organizations from a variety of industries ranging from legal to manufacturing share how Acrobat help them deliver great results.

Acrobat Tips and Tricks
Anytime Adobe TV        approx. 5 min   2010    TV-G
Program Info:Your comprehensive, Cliff Notes tutorial on several key areas of Acrobat such as commenting on video in Acrobat and PDF Portfolios.

For real time updates on new episodes of your favorite shows, be sure to follow @AdobeTV and @Acrobat!

Stephanie Baartz-Bowman, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Acrobat

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