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What will be in the next version of Acrobat?


Many of our customers in the Life Science industry have a real interest in planning ahead for new technology purchases.

Since PDF has become the de facto format for regulatory filings, use of Adobe Acrobat is nearly ubiquitous across the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

It is advantageous to know as much as you can about new software that will arrive in the months ahead. With that knowledge, you can plan your budget, anticipate training needs and investigate how the new product will fit into your existing infrastructure.

What new features will be in the next version of Acrobat?

I can’t tell you here, but you may be able to find out yourself by signing up for Adobe’s Pre-release Program.

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Batch Conversion of Text Files to PDF


Not long ago, I heard from a large pharmaceutical company working on a new drug submission. As part of the process of testing the new compound, they had written over one thousand Visual Basic programs to process and organize data.

Text File Pic

In communication with FDA staff, they learned that they would be required to submit the computer code for these programs for review by the agency.

As you might guess, the prospect of opening the code for each program individually in a word processor and converting to PDF was not appealing.

Was there a way to automate the process that would also allow control over fonts, layout and the version of PDF needed for submission?

Yes, this is possible using Acrobat 8 Professional.

Read on to learn about Batch Conversion of Text Files to PDF.

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