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Using and Deploying SAFE Digital Signatures in Acrobat 8

Instead of collecting pen-and-ink signatures, life science organizations are looking to digital signatures to reduce the time, expense, and data inaccuracies that come from scanning and rekeying information.

SAFE LogoThe SAFE-BioPharma Association has developed a unified business, policy, and technical
model that defines digital signatures for the life science industry.

This cross-organizational standard reduces the time to market and cost of clinical trials by streamlining the way regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations manage and verify digital signatures.

SAFE has excellent support from many pharmaceutical companies and industry associations who already support the standard.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader 8 have been certified to comply with the SAFE standard.

However, before employing SAFE in Acrobat, some set-up and configuration is necessary.

My colleague Ed Chase has been actively involved in Adobe’s support of SAFE and has written a guide to simplify using and deploying SAFE signatures.

Following, you’ll find the guide which describes how to set up Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader to best support the technical and user interface requirements of the SAFE standard.


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