Watch an Acrobat-SharePoint Integration eSeminar Recording

Many of our customers have either deployed or are interested in deploying Microsoft SharePoint.

Today, my colleague Mark Middleton and did a 1-hour SharePoint eSeminar. Our Partner OmTool also participated; they offer the free Swiftwriter plug-in for Acrobat that provides check-in/out from SharePoint.

Watch Archived SharePoint eSeminar
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If you are not very familiar with SharePoint, it’s hard to describe this popular Microsoft product in a sentence. SharePoint may be used as a web portal, an enterprise search engine, as a collaboration tool, for content management and more.

You probably want to get the most you can from SharePoint in your organization. Since PDFs are one of the most frequently encountered document types in enterprises, Adobe is interested in SharePoint, too.

Read on to view the slides— with narrative sticky notes — from the presentation.

Download the Materials

I’ve placed the slides from the eSeminar on my account.

Below is a Flash-based widget that allows you to preview the PDF and to download it (click the menu at the top).

Sometimes the widget takes a few seconds to load, so please be patient.


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