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Materials for Using SAFE- BioPharma Digital Signatures in Adobe Acrobat 9

Today, my colleagues Mark Middleton, Ed Chase and I conducted a joint eSeminar with the SAFE Bio-Pharma Association called:

Using SAFE- BioPharma Digital Signatures in Adobe Acrobat 9

I’ll post a link to the recording soon.

I’ve included three downloads that you might find useful:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Slides
    Go over the digital signing process in Acrobat

  2. SAFE Slides
    Covers the business benefits of using SAFE signatures

  3. Adobe LiveCycle eSubmissions Solutions Accelerator
    Slides on Adobe’s server-based review and approval systems which can be part of an audited, CFR-Part 11 workflow

  4. Digital Signatures Cheat Sheet
    Helps you understand the various status messages associated with digital signatures

Read on to get the good stuff.

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Regulatory Compliant PDFs and Beyond Materials

If you attended my eSeminar "
Regulatory Compliant PDFs and Beyond
" and are looking for a copy of the slides and other materials, you’re in the right place.

One point I try to get across about Acrobat is that it can be used for far more than just creating a PDF as part of an electronic submission.

Acrobat is terrific as a general tool for any knowledge worker. Need to capture information from a web site? Scan in paper documents? Combine files into something well-organized to send out?

Yes, yes, yes.

Click on the Continue Reading link below to access two documents:

  1. Slides from the events
  2. Comparison of Acrobat features from version 7, 8 and 9


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