Materials for PDF Document Review:Ad Hoc or Audited Options for Life Sciences

My colleagues Mark Middleton, Ed Chase and I offered an eSeminar today on collaborative review tools.
The eSeminar featured solutions for ad hoc review using Acrobat and also audited, workflow-based review using the Adobe eSubmissions Solutions Accelerator.
Here, you can view the slides from today’s session.
I’ve stored these on my account so you can view a Flash preview or download the PDF which includes speaker notes.
Read the rest of the entry to get to the downloadable slides.

Download the Materials
The links below will take you to my account where you can download the materials.
If you have trouble downloading the file:
1) Make sure you have turned off pop-up blockers or checked browser security
2) Ensure that your company has not blocked access to
Main Slides
eSubmissions Solution Accelerator Slides

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