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Can new versions of Acrobat create a PDF 1.4 File for FDA Submissions?

Every so often I will hear from a bio-pharma customer who will tell me something similar to this:

We can’t move to a newer version of Acrobat because we have to make PDF 1.4 files for agency submissions.

Put succinctly— that just isn’t true.

The PDF Version is not the same as the version of Acrobat.

Acrobat XI (and previous versions) can easily save back to previous versions.

In fact, you can set Acrobat to create files in the version you want all the time, by adjusting a few simple settings.

I’ve previously written about two related topics:

In this article, I will discuss how to:

  1. Saving and Loading PDF Settings
    1. Save out an older PDF setting to move to a new system
    2. Load a PDF setting into Acrobat
  2. Setting the default PDF Setting for:
    1. PDF Print Driver
    2. Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    3. Creating PDF from the desktop, in batch or when combining documents
  3. Tips for Setting Defaults when deploying Acrobat

Read on to learn more.

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Slides for 1/22/2010 Acrobat for Life Sciences eSeminar

Did you attend my January 22, 2010 Life Science eSeminar?

Here are the slides I promised to share.


Options for Getting the Slides

You can get the slide two ways:

  1. From my account
    Preferred, since there is much greater bandwidth.
  2. Directly from this blog Method


Direct Download

Acrobat_Life_Science_Seminar_Blog (PDF)

Right-click and choose Save As or Save Target or just click the link to open the PDF in a browser window.



The narrative for the slides may be found in a sticky note on each page.