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Removing Security from PDFs: Individually and in Batch

PDF Lock IconAcrobat files may be secured using passwords, digital certificates or using rights management (provided by Adobe’s LiveCycle Rights Management server).


PDF documents circulated between sponsors, partners and clinical staff are often secured to prevent changes and leakage of information.


PDFs which are secured cannot be changed. That means it is not possible to add links, bookmarks or combine pages from these files as part of your regular document operations. That certainly can pose a problem for regulatory professionals who need full access to these documents to prepare submissions.


Because life science firms frequently secure PDFs, it was not too surprising when I received a message last week from a large bio-pharma company which posed this question:


Is there a way to batch process the removal of a password from multiple PDFs?

Thee same password is used on multiple files . . .


Secure buttonIf you know the password for a PDF, you can remove security from the document and make it available for editing. Just click the Secure button, then choose Remove Security:


You’ll be asked to enter your password, click OK, then save the document.


While not difficult, that process is cumbersome when you have many documents— perhaps hundreds— which need processing.


Fortunately, if you have Acrobat Pro, you can remove security from documents in batch!

In this article, I’ll discuss how to:

  1. Check security on a PDF
  2. Remove security in batch for many PDFs which use the same password.


Read on to learn more.

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