Using Acrobat Shared Review for Approval Workflows – Part 2

In my last post, Using Acrobat Shared Review for Approval Workflows – Part 1, I provided some tips on how to sell the process internally.

The solution scenario is as follows:

  • You or an outside agency have revised a document
  • You need to send it to stakeholders such as legal,marketing, R&d and other participants for approval of the changes
  • After review, you may have further changes to the document if the changes you proposed were not approved

In this article, I’ll discuss how to mark up a document with the changes requiring approval.

In future articles, I’ll cover how to initiate the Shared Review, gather approvals, and roll-up feedback.

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Step 1: Indicate Changes which require Approval

Making the approval process easy for participants will ensure that you get your needed feedback quickly and accurately.

The best practice is to mark up the document to indicate the changes which need approval. Here’s how:

Note: The instructions and screen shots below are for Acrobat X Pro. Acrobat 9 Pro users can achieve the same results, but the user interface is different.


  1. Launch Acrobat and open the document which need to be approved
  2. Open the Comments Panel
  3. Next, you’ll set defaults for the Rectangle tool which you will use to mark the revised areas of the document.

    A) Open the Drawing Markups section
    B) Right-click on the Rectangle Tool and choose

  4. You will create a scalloped border style that is easy to spot for your reviewers.
    Here are my recommended settings, but you can choose the style and colors that you like.
    Click OK after you set the style.

  5. Next, you will use the rectangle tool to mark up areas of your document. Simply select the rectangle tool and click and drag to create the markup rectangle:
  6. You may add explanatory text to the markup as a way to explain why the change was made.
    A) Switch to the Hand tool
    B) Double-click on the rectangle annotation
    C) A Sticky Note appears in which you may enter text

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the rest of the changes in the document.

In my next article, I’ll cover how to send the marked up document for review and approval.

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