Key Enhancements in Acrobat XI for the Bio-Pharma Market

Acrobat XI (Acrobat 11) is the latest version of Acrobat. With each new release, Adobe makes improvements to the product.

You can read about the general improvements in the product on the Acrobat XI product page.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few features which I think are particularly applicable to bio-pharma and life sciences.

Read on for more info.

PDF Editing

For years, I’ve been saying that PDF is primarily an archive format, but Acrobat XI makes it easy to make significant text and graphic edits to PDFs. Text wraps when you edit it and you can easily replace images. You can even add to a bullet list and search and replace text. The redesigned Content Editing panel (see below) makes the process easy to understand.

Audit Trail for Actions

Acrobat Actions allow you to perform multi-step, automatic or user-driven operations on one or many PDF files. Actions are improved in Acrobat XI in a number of ways, but one particularly interesting new feature is the ability to create an report of the operation. This feature can certainly apply in CFR Part 11 workflows if you need to include an audit trail of the steps taken for document preparation.

An HTML report (see sample below) offers a time stamp for each step of the process.

Since Actions may be distributed by admins so that users cannot modify them, this is a good, replicable and "safe" way to include PDF operations in your Standard Operating Procedures.

Save PDF to PowerPoint

When I tried this feature, it floored me! Acrobat can convert PDFs to editable PowerPoint files complete with backgrounds, artwork, and bulleted text.

Redesigned Combine Panel

The Combine documents experience in Acrobat XI is much improved. You can visually swap in pages, change order, and see thumbnails of existing files. Acrobat XI Combine works better on the Mac than previous versions. Mac users now can see thumbnails and convert Office file types, too. You still need to have Microsoft Office on your computer, of course.

Create PDF and Run Action

You can now run an Action directly from a file in Microsoft Office. For example, you might convert a contract to PDF then automatically show the Bookmarks panel and password protect the file.

Restrict Editing Easily

With Acrobat’s new ability to edit PDF, you may wish to protect the important documents you share. Acrobat XI includes new, easier single-step method to add this restriction.

Customize Panel Toolset

Sometimes you just need the tools you use everyday available where you want them! Acrobat XI allows you to create your own custom Toolset with just the tools you need. From a single customization window, you can create your own panel and Quick Tools (toolbar icons). 


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