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Watch the PDF Lab Notebook eSeminar Recording

Today, my colleague Mark Middleton and I presented an eSeminar:

As I mentioned in a recent article Capture Discoveries in a PDF Lab Notebook, PDF Portfolios offer an interesting platform for preserving scientific research.

Read on for a link to the slides from the event.

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Capture Discoveries in a PDF Lab Notebook: Part 1

Portfolio IllustrationAn Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is digital container for documents and data which is part of the research and development of drugs and medical devices. By replacing paper, you can save money and protect important data and discoveries.

Enterprise class ELN products are available and are good choices for large organizations. For example, CambridgeSoft’s Chemistry E-Notebook offers integration with Adobe Acrobat and enterprise content management systems.

However, what do you do if you are a smaller organization or have a limited budget?

One option to consider is a digitally signed PDF Portfolio, a container structure introduced with Acrobat 9.

A PDF Portfolio is a new concept in Acrobat 9, although it builds upon the PDF Package functionality in Acrobat 8. It’s easiest to think of a PDF Portfolio as a briefcase—or Portfolio— which can hold many types of documents in addition, of course, to PDF.

For example, you could have PDFs, Word Files, Excel documents, instrument data files and more that “live” inside a single PDF document.

PDF Portfolios offer professional-looking Flash-based navigation. Creating a useful interface to your files is simple using the pre-built layouts. In addition, you can “brand” the portfolio with a universal header:

A PDF Portfolio used as a Lab Notebook

The entire PDF Portfolio may be digitally signed on the Portfolio Cover Sheet to protect your important discoveries.

This entry is Part 1 in a series of articles. To start, I’ll present some background information on PDF Portfolios and how they work.

Subsequent articles will cover how to create and customize PDF Portfolios. Read on!

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