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Acrobat User Community Now Online

Adobe’s Online Acrobat User Community is now available online at I encourage the education community to get involved with this!

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Using Acrobat for Summarizing Notes

Many textbooks, study guides and other teaching materials are available as PDF files for easy online distribution, searching and viewing. Students can not only view this content on their computers, but also mark up text they read online (or offline) using Acrobat’s “Highlighting” tool, available on the Commenting toolbar (Tools > Commenting > Show Commenting Toolbar is one way to find and open the toolbar).

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Grass Roots Educators

Talk about grass roots! Teachers often find themselves being the ones not only educating our children, but also educating each other in how to use all the different applications, systems, computers that are needed to run a school and a school district.

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This will be a place to find out more about how Adobe Acrobat is being and can be used within K-12 and Higher Education, whether you’re a teacher, student, administrator or anyone else interested. Look out for tips, tutorials, news and general wholesome PDF goodness.